Can I use BBC Four HD iPlayer stream in Channels?

I can't seem to get these to work as custom channels. Have the BBC changed things?

I'm also not about to get those m3u entries to work. Getting 403 Forbidden error. Does that error message mean they are DRM'd?

Yes. The content could also be geo-restricted to specific countries (which is a form of DRM too)

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TiviMate user here, been pretty happy with it but looking into alternatives now. Heard some good things about Channels so I figured I pop over here.

Count me in as interested in iPlayer. I have a HDHomeRun on order but I don't know if my aerial will pick anything up to be honest. I did use that gisthub playlist for a while and it worked a treat, atleast until it went kaput.

Quick update before I hit the hay.. there's a chap in my tivimate facebook group that knows their way around all this stuff... I've asked 'em to take a look since I'm owed a favor.

Apparently they did something similar recently for a friend and think they should be able to make it work on gistlab pretty easily. A bit over my head but I'll let you all know what comes of it.

They apparently already got it working a few days ago after I mentioned it, and had posted it to tivimate reddit. I still need to figure out how to setup the virtual dock on my mac but here's what they sent me:


This is great - been looking for a way to get a HD film 4 source. The BBC streams don’t seem to work for me for some reason though, they work in VLC. Thanks for the link


Submit diagnostics after the playback issue and we can take a look at what's going wrong

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Hard to know exactly since I can't test myself, but it seems like the BBC source needs to be set to HLS in Custom Channels config

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Great - that worked. Cheers

What list of channels does this give you. Is it the just film source or BBC 1-4

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It’s the live streams from the apps listed on the developers page. Includes All4, UKTVPlay etc

Cheers! I finally got it working as well.

At first I copied the instructions from the reddit post and kept getting 404 errors. But I realized that was a different link for PBS not BBC.

I requested ITV support, hoping that will be possible..

hi. my english trouble. rogger tell me here. i add new docker version ITV

Pretty cool. Wonder if we can add a xml guide to it.


Awesome thanks.

They are live broadcast channels so the guide data is already available. Just go to manage line up and match to the right channel.

Hi, can someone give me a link to the Reddit post to explore this please? Thanks

Got ya except I am not in the Uk so I have to use an online xml guide to map them.
The docker m3u gave me 32 BBC channels, prob only use 5 or so.
Did you also get others eg. Channel 4 etc.