Can't Access Menu Option

I'm using Channels FireStick version 103.26.338.

Settings->General->Manage Navigation->Schedule
shows as "OFF"

When I try to turn it on, my remote clicks have no effect. It will not turn on.

I can turn it on and off just fine in version: 103.10.210.

Is it dimmed out compared to the other options? That would mean you forced a setting on the server under Clients tab.

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That fixed it, although I don't remember setting it on the server.

Suggestion to avoid confusion: When a client attempts to change a non-changeable setting, pop up a box telling them that it must be changed at the server.

I thought to greying-out/disabling of the item was a pretty good indicator that it could not be changed.

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  1. It was not grey enough.
  2. The user has no idea of why it can not be changed, or how to fix it.

I designed a large and complex software system that was used by hundreds of people. The more information you can give users about is wrong, the less support calls you have to answer.