CBS (maybe others) Poor Cable Quality?


Thankfully it's very easy to tell what it's connected to via the app. All were connected to the main point.

I'm about to test wired when Colbert starts in 30min. For some reason I can't get the suggested stream download link to work though.


What exact url are you using?



The x.x.x.x is the DVR IP, and it's definitely correct.


Use the HDHR IP to connect directly.


Thanks @tmm1, but I tried that as well, still didn't work. Nevertheless, the experiment yielded surprising results...

For those following along:

Family watched 30+ minutes of CBS tonight. No issues whatsoever which is a first, but here's the kicker. Wired clients worked, wireless clients in the same room as the DVR worked, and wireless clients all around the house worked - even with our mesh network. Regardless of watching recording or live, we had zero glitches. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but somehow the problem seems solved even though this was really just to test out some variables.

Here's what's changed:

  • HDHomerun Prime went from wired in to Google Wifi Router to wired in to ethernet switch.
  • Shield TV (DVR) went from wireless to wired in to ethernet switch.

The HDHomerun move seems like the only reasonable thing that could have helped since I didn't think live TV had any reliance on my Shield DVR, but even that seems odd to me. If @jseymour or anybody knows why, feel free to chime in, but either way, things are looking good. I appreciate all the help and insight thus far from those who have given their thoughts.


I'd say the combination of both being wired is the reason for the improvement.


Hard-wiring the HDHR and DVR to the same switch solves 99% of problems reported about Channels.


Curious why running through a Ethernet switch is better then hard wired into router? My system everything is currently Ethernet from router as modern only has one output.


Because many, perhaps even most, routers have less-than-sterling Ethernet switching performance.


Beyond that, most routers that act as switches don't really have switching hardware/chipsets, but rather use a software defined switch/virtual bridge interface to act as a switch. If you're going to connect more than one device physically with ethernet, do yourself a favor and buy a real switch.


Man I just upgraded my router to the Nighthawk AC2300 for a few hundred. How much for a decent Ethernet switch? I only have hdhomerun, NAS device and surface pro 3 for channels connected.


NetGear ProSafe 5-port Gigabit switches: Managed (GS105Ev2): Currently $38 on Amazon, unmanaged (GS105NA): Currently $35 on Amazon. That price on the managed switch is nice. Even if you don't have the need for a managed switch right now, I'd pop for the add'l $3.

My network design mantra: Routers to route, switches to switch, access points for WiFi, and don't use common, consumer-grade hardware.


@jseymour - completely agree!

Home networks have gone from a novelty/nice to have to a necessity. There's nothing more frustrating (to me) than to come home from work and hear, "The wifi is down" and have to spend my time fixing it. I learned a long time ago that the investment in pro-sumer gear pays for itself over and over when I factor in performance and reliability.

My mantra is "buy the best/most expensive that your budget will allow" and enjoy the services rather than manage them.


I have a couple of 8-port GbE TP-Link unmanaged switches I got for about $20/ea. A managed switch (or some type of semi-managed "smart-"switch) will cost you more: more features mean higher price.


Even the cheapest gigabit switch will outperform the switch built into your router. I have several of those tplink switches and even I had issues that completely went away when I just made sure the HDHR and DVR were plugged into the same switch.


Just to add to this, the key in my situation was all about the placement of the HDHomerun. Moving it from the router to the switch somehow made all the difference, likely due to either performance issues, or Google Wifi software quirks that were interfering with the HDHomerun. I have a cheap unmanaged switch I got for maybe $12 from TP-Link and it's perfectly fine.

I'm sure the DVR being on the same switch as the HDHomerun will likely solve a lot of DVR related issues as Aman mentioned, but for live TV and for the specific case that was being discussed in this thread, the relation between the placement of the HDHR and the DVR wasn't relevant. I'm pretty sure the DVR could be moved back to wireless and still be just fine, as my issue wasn't with the DVR at all, my issue was occurring at the HDHR level and effecting live TV (and thus the recording of said live TV).


I purchased a Netgear switch connected everything to it
(modem, router, Nas device and HDHR) but now nothing shows up. My pc won't find the hdhomerun if i try to run setup again. any suggestions.


Then you're connecting things a bit wrong. Connect the modem to the WAN/Internet port on the router. Then connect the switch to one of the LAN ports on the router. (Edited for spelling.)


What he said ^^^^^