CBS (maybe others) Poor Cable Quality?


For whatever reason, CBS through a Comcast cablecard is showing up as if it's a poorly tuned OTA station. Constant pixelating, freezing, skipping, etc. No other channels that we watch have done this. Can anybody shed some light and provide a solution? It's happened on both recent Fire TV devices (pendant and new stick).


You can check for the tuner status and contact your cable provider if it shows a bad signal


I have noticed this too with fox. I can watch the channel side by side with a cable box that the company rents to you and I don't have issues on the box but still have issues on the channels app. Also noticed that fox isn't as clear as some other channels sometimes.


Strange. What about in the HDHR app?


Might be a network issue. The lower channels on Comcast (CBS, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc..) require more bandwidth because they aren't x264/Mpeg-4. I would try to record the channel (assuming you have a DVR setup), and see if you have issues at the same spot every time. Once you see pixelation, rewind and see if the pixelation is there again, or open the file in VLC to confirm the pixelation. If the pixelation occurs at the same time stamp every time, it's an issue with your cable connection. If not, it's likely a network issue.