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I know, I know. This has been posted before, but I haven't found any recent posts about CBS that reference logging in with your provider. It appears that they might have TV Everywhere in some of their markets now. This link shows that you can log in with your provider info to access a live stream of CBS in select markets. I verified in Chicago that it does not require you to log into a CBS All Access account and has a different city list than what CBS All Access offers for live streams.

With this in mind, do you think it might be possible to add CBS to the locals beta?


You can capture a HAR dump (instructions here: NESN is broken :() and send it in to support. If it works for you without having to login to a CBS account, then we may be able to add support.

Thanks! Email just sent with attachment.

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Just did a search and found their site
Worked for me using Xfinity

Wow! Great find. Just tried it by signing in with a supported tv provider and it worked without having to sign up for a CBS account.

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Worked for me on FuboTV

I was already getting this using Direct TV with the normal channel scan. Didn't need to do anything additional. are you guys signing into it separately

It doesn’t show up on my normal DTV or FuboTV scan.

So you're signing into CBS access on their page with your provider sub to link it to your account and then refreshing the scan here ?
I get CBS Sports HQ and a bunch of CBSN news channels

Even though I have XFINITY it states my location is not yet supported.

I don’t think CBS TVE is supported in channels, that’s the request made at the beginning of this sub. Wee implying we have TVE access with our provider credentials and would like that feature added.

and HQ, and ET/Live are there.

Doesnt that indicate that it is supported in Channels ?

Click the link in the first post.
It shows the current (14) markets where it's available.

What's the difference in content availability when streaming via CBS All Access versus my TV provider verification?

They are referring to their local, vanilla CBS affiliate. The one that would carry NFL football games.

@tmm1 Any luck with adding this? I also sent in logs last night through e-mail.

Not sure. You can try the latest build to see if shows up or not.

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nope. getting login failure.


Yep, 6005 CBS Local works here on v2020.09.21.2027

Looks like my Local CBS Affiliate streams at 720p. Scheduled a recording in 30 minutes to see how it works out.

I'm getting a login error. But when I login at - I get a feed.

My channel listing doesn't even show 6003 CBS.

Logs: 5645b1af-427e-4133-a1b7-1cb770ee94b2 .