Channel Plus App will not open (not beta)

Main TV
Channels v4.0.1
Amazon AFTRS
FireTV 5.1.1 API/22

Yesterday Channels stop working.... when I go to launch the app it opens and immediately closes. I have restarted the Element FireTV; afterwards it does the same thing.

I have forced closed the app, cleared cache; same thing. Finally, I removed the application, restarted the FireTV, then installed the app anew. Still the issue of it opening and closing immediately. Please HELP this is our Main TV viewing experience.


I had this happen on my first gen Firestick this morning. It was getting pretty slow so I took it as a sign that I needed to swap it out with newer one I had laying around. All is well now. Probably something in an update that caused it to finally stop working. Hopefully it's something that can be addressed.

Not something I can just swap out it is a FireTV.

Yep. That's why I hope it is something that can be addressed.

But if it turns out that the problem cannot be fixed, you likely CAN add a new streamer to your FireTV. I have been slowing switching to AppleTV and added one to one TV I have that is a FireTV. All I had to do is plug it in and switch the source and start using the AppleTV remote instead. Not free, but easy. If you have a open HDMI port, you can likely add whatever you like.

All my FireTV devices are working on latest release... including my Fire Tv's. I always keep both the realease and latest beta versions installed.

Just an observation, but watching several FireTV devices over time, I gather they're not all running the same version when they are on the "latest". Guessing they run slightly different versions based on the capabilities of the hardware they're running on and the release cycle. If that is true, it makes sense that an update -- in ether the OS or Channels -- could break things for one device but not the other.

This seems like a quite old version of FireTV OS.

I'm not sure what the version numbers even mean. My FireTV, that I just got last year, had a version number in the 5's when my other devices had numbers in the 7's. Also, my FireTV was the last of my devices to get the new home screen layout. Apparently Amazon has a job on their hands updating the many disparate devices that are out there. That's been the thing with Android based devices forever.

We submitted v4.1.2 to Amazon with a fix. It's still under review.


I agree with you though .. I will never buy another TV with Firetv or Android TV ... easier to replace a Firestick or Google Stick than a TV.... or for that matter a Roku TV.

Agreed. The only reason I bought the FireTV was because it was super cheap -- probably subsidized by Amazon. In the end, it was super easy to start using AppleTV instead. Now I never see the Amazon stuff -- just like any other TV.

But I agree with you. I wish TV manufactures would end their obsession with smart TVs and just focus on making a good monitor. I've never owned a TV where I even use the built in smart crap.


Yeah the OMNI TV's are quite cheap 50 inch $365.00 ... You can always have a firestick handy.

Some manufacturers do, you're just shopping in the bargain bin.

True. Hard to resist a good bargain. Plus, as is with most tech, that last bit of performance really costs you. My new Samsung seems to have struck a nice compromise. Decent picture. It has the smart junk I never use, but at least they've gotten the startup time to near zero.

Can it be side loaded

I know. I don't have any control it is an Element TV. I personally love having everything integrated in the TV and FireTV gives me that.

I understand everybody's preferences are different and none are wrong ... I usually ignore the noise and go with what I prefer. I have 2 Toshiba FireTV in my household tried to add a firestick and catched hell lol they preferred all in one device..

I sideloaded it does the same thing. Can I get a version prior to 4.1.0.... seems to be when it broke..????

I have one of those Toshibas too. Fine TV for the price. I'm lucky. The only thing I catch hell for is user experience stuff. That's the main driver behind my slow migration to AppleTV. Identical user experience for every TV. There were slight differences between FireTV implementations that I would get flack for. I keep all the wires tucked up and invisible so nobody knows if it's integrated or not -- unless you take the TV off the wall. But I guess it's easier for me because we only use a single box. No input switching.