Channels 4.0 Beta

I might be missing it, but I can't find an option to logout from the remote DVR.

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Hi, the latest beta has not been pushed to me via TestFlight.?

New build out:

Note: Each of our apps, the live TV and Channels Plus only versions, are now both named Channels on your home screen. Additionally, their icons have swapped.

  • NEW: HDR playback on Apple TV 4K with imported UHD HDR10 movies
  • FIXED: Focus would sometimes have trouble going to and from the sidebar
  • FIXED: Auto playback setting was being set to NO at app launch
  • IMPROVED: Various UI and bug fixes

Please post any video player feedback to the HDR thread and not to this one.


Oh hey, it works!

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Using the beta I sometimes hit the 30 second skip and it just pauses. Is this a known issue?

On iPhone and iPad, i’ve repeatedly had live playback exit suddenly to the guide. When I re-select the channel I was watching before player crashed, the audio plays while I’m still on the guide and no video shows. I submitted diagnostics.

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We're you using the new experimental video driver?

I don’t believe so, at least on my iPhone. It says “default.”

This has been happening over the last 2-3 builds at least.

I had been a beta tester before on iOS and Apple TV and I guess removed after a previous beta. (Been a while - been busy). Curious now though that If I click on the beta program button for iOS that it just goes to an information page. Is that button the one that makes my request? i did it a few days ago and have not recieved an email. Would love to assist in testing the new versions!

@maddox I had my video crash and go back to the guide as well. I submitted diagnostics yesterday. I'll say I wasn't on the latest beta....but was using the beta. After it crashed I updated...but haven't had a chance to play with it since.

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We've reorganized the beta. You can re-join it here:

Hey maddox, yes that's the link I was speaking of. WHen I click the button that says Join the Apple Beta program, it just sends me to an information page. Is that all there is to it? Do you automatically get my request by my clicking of that button. I have done it several times now and I havent received anything yet. Am I missing something else?

you need an iPad or iphone in order to join a test flight, cant do it in a browser.

Yep. I figured I was missing something silly! Went to the link on my iPhone and it opened right up in TestFlight. I was reading to much into it.

Thank you

Just updated to the latest beta and it happened to me again on iPad. @maddox I submitted diagnostics.

Also it just occurred to me that this may be related: I have a HomeKit router (eero) and my DVR is not locally discoverable on my iPad or iPhone. I have to sign in with “Away from Home” and my external IP always shows on the web interface even though I’m watching locally. This occurs for both the App Store and beta versions, but only the beta app crashes to the guide.

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What is the planned release date for 4.0?

When it's ready.

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