Channels devs don't care about android

Prove me wrong. Android is consistently treated as second class by the channels devs. I'm tired of paying out $80 a year to fund development of the iOS/Apple versions.


Well, it is since this app was originally developed for Apple products. I'm happy there's an android version, it's the only app that timeshifts as well as or better than the old Windows Media Center.

Saying they "don't care" is a troll move.


I use both platforms and there is no doubt that Android lags behind AppleTV. However, it is important to remember that AppleTV has always been the flagship platform for Channels. That has never been a secret. And they have recently hired a Android developer to catch things up. So I don't think there is any reason to feel neglected. My two cents.


Features have always come to Apple TV first and make their way to Android next.

We spent all Summer updating the Android version with zero Apple TV and iOS updates. To say we don’t care about it feels pretty bad.

Additionally, the biggest features of our last big release, Local Content and Virtual Channels, do in fact work for the Android versions.


I just wish you would have the android release a bit closer to the apple release.

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I think they have done a great job with Android remember AppleTV had a big headstart ... at one time there was no Android app. I appreciate what the developers have done with Android looking forward to future developments.


So do we! We're working on making sure the gaps are smaller moving forward.


Specifically what feature are you whining about? The clock?

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I see how much pride you guys take in every part of the Channels experience. Well done for bring so many features from such a small shop.


Those Apple people are the beta testers for our far superior and shinny finished product Android version :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That's one positive way of looking at it! :laughing: :+1:


I posted this Android bug 2 years ago now which still has yet to be addressed:

Which is disappointing, so I've been reluctant to upgrade to the $80/year full DVR service.

I haven't run into that issue on my Onn UHD home screen, Channels shortcuts.

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For those interested @maddox was recently on the Home Gadget Geeks podcast and talked specifically about the Android app, challenges etc. Its a good listen.


@maddox in a dark room. Shocking. Great interview.

I agree. I use my Android phone and have asked about an automatic mini window and no response. Such a pain to remember and locate the tiny arrow. Would also like the ability to automatically go from Wifi to data without stopping the stream.

I learned a lot of new feature about channels by watching the video. I strongly recommend linking to the video in the new user docs.



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So long as we're waxing nostalgic... if anyone thinks this treatment is "bad," just think how Mac users felt in the 90's, when Apple was beleaguered.

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