Channels dropping frames with onn 4K box and Tivo Stream 4K when playing ATSC 3.0 channels

This was an issue a while back with the Nvidia Shield but I believe that was fixed. The problem still exists however with my onn 4K boxes and Tivo Stream 4K boxes.

People are reporting the same issue with their Fire TV devices here:

Not sure if it's audio related but if I change the Audio stream to Spanish (which is just English 2ch) from the primary English track (English 6ch) the number off dropped frames is reduced SIGNIFICANTLY.

As I mentioned in another post, if this issue can't be fixed, can we at least have the ability to change the default audio to the secondary Spanish track instead of the primary English track? This isn't a fix, but is a band-aid for improved video playback.

Please do the following:
Click settings
Click support
Click Test Speed to Server

Report results to this post

363.49 Mbit Download / 9.90 Latency / 19.85 Jitter

Your network looks good between the device you did the test and the server.

The only other thing I can think of is to try switching to software decoding by

Click settings
Click playback
Click Advanced
Click Video decoder
Select Software

Good luck

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This is a known issue that affects some but not all ATSC3 regions. Each broadcast tower is using different equipment and settings. It will take time to sort it out.

Tried that. Doesn't help or is worse.

No dropped frames on my Shield but drops like crazy on the other 2 devices??

How can I at least have Channels default to the secondary audio track for the ATSC3 stations which almost eliminates the drops completely while making the volume the same as all the other stations as a Band-Aid fix?


If shield is working then try Settings > Playback > Advanced > Surround Sound: Off on the other devices

Could also be you need Hardware Video Decoder. SHIELD is 2x more powerful than the other devices you're trying.

I have Surround disabled on all of the devices.

I am watching a 4K HEVC 50,000 kbps bitrate 8ch audio movie right now on the onn 4k box and there are 0 dropped frames.

In comparison the 720p HEVC 2,500 kbps bitrate 6ch audio OTA channel has constant dropped frames like 1,000 per minute. Using the HDHR app on the same onn box there are none.

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