Channels DVR authentication to Hulu Fails | Captcha grayed out also

If you are watching some of the entertainment stuff such as Hallmark, Lifetime etc move over to Philo.
I hat the app but love the TVE stuff. Nice and stable I tried Hulu Live TV and dropped it due to lack of interest.

I love Channels DVR but I use Hulu as my provider and CDVR just seemed to go dead with Hulu - it would work one day then I would have to struggle with it to work with Hulu and I finally cancelled in frustration. Is Hulu still a work in progress with Channels DVR? I would like to come back if it is working. Can anyone give me any positive feed back on the situation with Hulu not continuously trying to two factor authenticate the end user on every channel? Has that been solved? I did try using GoogleTV with Channels DVR and had good experience with them but GoogleTV does not carry the Discover brand channels ie The History Channel etc so it was of no value to me. I really don’t want to have to get Cable TV to use Channels DVR kind of a waste of money. Anyway any update about Channels DVR integration with Hulu would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Actually I guess since I cancelled my Channels DVR subscription a while back because Hulu is two factor authenticating TVE users and CDVR can’t seem to get a fix for this is why I left and was back asking if it had been figured out as yet but your post says it all and it is a resounding NO! Oh well it’s not their fault but I can’t use it like that (nor can you.) Thanks!

Has been working flawlessly for me for many months.... Just out of curiosity, did you use the Hulu app on any devices? Or strictly use it with CDVR?

@troyhough I have NOT been able to get Channels to work with Hulu at all. When it started failing it was only once a month or so. Now, I can never get it working. I DO US the hulu app on 3 Android TV's in our house (same network).

I'm VERY Curious to know what you've done to make yours work flawlessly. If there is a fix on our side, I need to know. I did give up trying and was going to cancel my channels yearly because of this but I can still record 2 local OTA shows which I do like. So, I'm on the fence.

Please follow up.


I get between 5 and 8 days for HuluTV working with CDVR. I do also use the Hulu App daily to view things like NBC owned content I can't get with TVE.

I don't use ANY HULU apps on ANY devices. Just with CDVR exclusively. Not saying that's why it works but it does work and has worked 100%.

It seems to be working reliably on Mac and Windows where the latest Chrome is available.

We will look into updating Chrome on NAS installations.

No, it wasn't working reliably on Windows with the latest Chrome. That's why I had no choice but to abandon Hulu as a Channels DVR TVE tuner.

I may be confusing with other providers. There was a major change in this build which uses some new Chrome features available in newer chrome builds.

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Great news! I re-added Hulu and it actually worked. It's been maybe over a month since I tried last. I made sure my chrome was up to date and checked for Pre-Release (which there was one).

The only thing that is strange is that I lost CNBC (which I watch basically all day in the background for financial news). It works in Hulu but not listed in the list of channels after a full sync.

I'll follow up if things start going south again.

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I believe NBC DRM'D it along with MSNBC and other NBC channels.


Hmm. well if I go to cnbc and log in with my hulu account, I can watch it in a browser just fine.

So I go here: and then use my hulu account and it works fine.


Yes, but it's DRM'd in the browser. Channels will not decrypt DRM because of the legal implications. That thread mentioned above explains all of this.


Things were fine with Hulu TVE for 15 days. Started failing today. It took about 3 hours to remove Hulu and get it working again with CDVR.

....And back to being stuck at the email verification screen for TVE
Screenshot 2023-06-25 215006

Is there any way that an option can be made for the 2FA Hulu has to enter the code when prompted?

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I recently did some scanning with Hulu and received a pile of verification requests.
I use. Hulu for ABC, CBS fox when it works and TBS/TNT/TCM etc.
I use Philo to grab the rest of the channels becuase it is cheap with my discount.
I'm using ADBTuner along with my ONN Android box and video encoder to grab what i want off Hulu and Philo that isn't on TVE.
Turns out my Video encoder is doing some slight pixelating so going to move over to another unit that is known to work here.
I'm expecting more channels to move to DRM so getting familiar with settings up these tuners.

Here we go again.. Not able to add Hulu back as a source. Did the same sequence as I used several times in the past - with no luck this time after 2 days of trying. Changing passwords, deleting devices, Chrome up to date, restarting DVR - no dice this time.

Logs have been submitted as 04a6da5d-6250-4132-a208-a0258b3acadc .

The error @kprice is receiving is:

We couldn't log you in. Please check your email and password and try again. Or visit Find My Account if you need to reset.

Edit: fixed username. It autocompleted to the wrong username before

Still can't add Hulu as a source - says can't auth email / password. Yet I'm able to login to ABC, FOX, NBC HGTV etc - using those exact credentials. Only thing I see in the logs mentions 12s timeout , then action=auth_timed_out. No clue if this is the issue.
I've cleared browser caches, tried 4 diff browsers, stopped / started channels - everything that I've done in the past to fix this issue. Has to be a Channels issue. It seems like something from the original source Hulu is still stuck in Channels somewhere - or something has changed..