Channels Fire TV

Just installed Channels on my smart TV with a Fire Stick. When I go to the app, there is an update for tuner firmware (HD Homerun Extend). I have installed the update on my computer, but the app says it can't copy the update - that I need to download the latest. What a circle! Any guidance? And yes, I am a newbie to cord cutting!

What exactly does it say in the app on your FireTV when you click Update Firmware?

I found the reason it’s not working. It’s because we have U-verse. Apparently they use IPTV & you have to use their equipment.

The HDHR Extend is an over-the-air tuner that works with an antenna. It wouldn't work even if you had a different cable provider. (But yes, U-verse uses IPTV so that won't work with any HDHR including HDHR Prime).