Channels vs. ChannelsDVR Closed Captioning


I purchased the Channels ($15) app for the Fire TV, shortly after I received my Fire TV pendant a couple of months ago. I installed the Ver. 2.0.10 update earlier today, and realized that we no longer had Closed Captioning. After a bit of troubleshooting, the issue appeared to be the update. Then I realized that I had installed the (free) ChannelsDVR version instead of the Channels app that I had purchased. I “updated” the free ChannelsDVR on my Fire TV with the paid Channels app, and Closed Captions returned. I’m not sure if CC is different between the two apps, or what, but CC seems to be working fine now.


Hmm, so closed caps are working in one app but not the other? Or its working in both places now?

When you say not working, what did you see when you went to enable closed captions?


Not sure what you mean by this, but Channels and Channels DVR are two separate apps that would show up separately on your device. The DVR app has a play icon inside the TV.


Well, you’re right on all points. I had not noticed the giant “Play” icon in the center of the ChannelsDVR. I had installed both apps, and I had neglected to enable the Closed Captioning in the ChannelsDVR app. Captioning now works in both apps. Thanks for straightening me out.


Just how does one enable closed captions on Fire TV? In the Channels app or do you have to go into the Fire TV settings? Not good. Be nice if CC could be enabled per each channel as called up.


First has to be enabled and set up in the FTV’s Accessibility configuration. Then, in Channels, while watching something (Live or Recorded–does not matter), either the CMENU or the D-Pad Down button will bring up a menu. In Live you then go up and right, in Recorded just go right, and there you are. Click Back to dismiss the menu.

Android TV works the same, except you have no CMENU button, of course.


Does not need to be enabled there, but you can customize styles there if you want.


Thank You!