CNN: Age of Amazon - Watch or Read more for our observations

Watched CNN: The Age of Amazon

Excellent history and interviews (with among others: Amazon employees, partners*, residents of Seattle)

My Observation:
Figuring that this made as it was a huge “Ad” to support Amazon , IMO, ...prompted me to read the latest Amazon (wikipedia)...which further indirectly led to this public announcement (I had missed 3/6/2019):

*, see Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Chase health care venture launches website and announces its name: Haven | Press Releases | Haven Healthcare

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Chase health care venture launches website and announces its name: Haven | Press Releases | Haven Healthcare

Public proof of Bezos’ (Amazon) long standing alliance with Buffet (BH) and Dimon (CEO of JPM Chase). Bezos’ personal acquisition (Nash Holdings) of Washington Post (2013) offered B similar + more (entrance to D.C.) but did “hide” direct Amazon tie in.

/End for me

Of note: My husband’s declaration (at end of CNN). Now, I know why Netflix streaming is so improved. Wish iTunes would use AWS...instead of their own “slower” Apple servers. He immediately grasped his way to instant gratification...instead of waiting and scrolling endlessly...

/End his

My latest hint for @tmm1 and @maddox for latest “Siri Requests” which should be “Dictate” requests (@Jmcguire525 ) and be re-evaluated for Channels DVR.

Note: We recently added a Netflix free week trial just to binge S3 Stranger Things.

/end of long, long detailed post

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I'm a little lost Debbie, maybe I need to watch the program?

I'm trying to figure out how the health care venture ties in... I also assume the talked about AWS and mentioned Netflix using AWS as a CDN? (Based on your husband's comment). I was under the impression that Netflix has edge servers at most ISP hubs...

The last part about siri/dictation is what I'm trying to figure out, its late so I may be missing something. Can you elaborate on what you meant and how that ties in?

Truthfully, the last part was a jab for the devs to pay serious attention to the “Siri” now “Dictate” (per your suggestion).


I’ve been trying for >3 years to get their attention, and I’m really miffed that I only received 1 reply (from 3 years ago). I tried to explain my goal more thoroughly for their understanding with return post but “Nuthin honey”...and same on my 6 month re-requests.

I would rather get “quit asking” than silence. Over the years, I’ve learned ignoring requests was really their answer “No” and/or I want to ignore while (“no time”, “not feasible”, “later” is perfectly acceptable). However, just recently I’ve seen a very positive change with dev (tmm1) he is replying to all requests...including (& especially (notable) the nagging posts ...”later”, “next week”,“Mon”) really helps set expectations of users. Recently, you’ve experienced it yourself...and I’m sure appreciated the reply.

IMO, tmm1 is so eager to offer an “immediate solution” that he works on that and magically our request is fulfilled, however, he tends not reply at all if he is delayed ...As a courtesy...just an acknowledgement of receipt of same request: “Later” which could mean I’ll take more to analyze, or I don’t have time to investigate Yet” would go a long way to “inhibit” nagging and re-requests by users (especially me).

Despite the extremely positive change (@tmm1)...I still am waiting for an answer to my requests??? Obviously I have ticked them off.


Thanks for asking so I could vent...sorry to use you. I don’t remember your other comments. So I’ll close this and reread now.

Not the health care venture per se, tie in was only “direct Amazon connection” Public announcement. It wasn’t mentioned (IIRC).

Netflix...wasn’t mentioned either (IIRC) but that was purely my husband’s assumption...might be wrong... but that’s what got me investigating the whole tie in to Bezos and Amazon (and then, Haven) as I was curious... if there was more info on “public” ties to Dimon (interviewed) on show.

I think the Devs do a good job of communicating. But I get what your saying about some thread silence, I just don’t fault them.

They respond with a “can’t” when impossible. I.e. custom video player

They respond when they agree that the thing would be useful but the effort/cost is too high. DRM

They respond when it is on their radar. i.e. syncing settings across devices.

@tmm1 has said they are fans of TV and made the DVR they wanted. They put a lot of effort into this UI and feature set. We know they are constantly working on adding new features because cool stuff like TVE comes out of the blue and WOWd a bunch of people.

Since they can’t talk about timelines but we know they have a pipeline that is probably awesome, I think the polls and feature requests that are doable but not something that they are really interested in doing, like my favorite the “clock”, are ignored because there isn't a “can’t”, it’s more of a “not interested but let them flesh it out and argue as valued customers and let’s see where this lands by the time we are looking for more to do.”

We know @maddox and @tmm1 read each and every post (even I do that) so they know what we want with just a single thread or ask.

I love that they are working on new commercial detection and transcoding and downloaded offline viewing and centralized setting and things like that and can see why they don’t want to get stuck in a discussion about shades of purple or why clocks and voice is not on their radar and probably never will be.

Keep the polls and feature request votes going though. It would be great to see one break 1000 votes.


Also keep in mind that as the community grows, it becomes harder and harder for them to respond to all posts. They need to be careful to avoid the expectation of dev replies because that just doesn't scale. I've actually been very impressed by their involvement with the community.

Agree completely...Thank you

Also, agree completely. Thank you.

In trying to decipher this long, whatever it is, are you trying to say/ask as to why Siri can’t be used in channels?

If so, that’s been answered many times here. They use their custom built video player which can’t be used with Siri. Apple requires the use of their native player for that and their native player doesn’t work or up to their expectations with mpeg2.

If that’s not what you’re talking about, then I have no idea.

Thanks for your observation. Due to my “Irrational Behaviour”. :grinning: but all is OK

@tmm1 figured that out and kindly re-opened dialogue about alternative suggested long ago. If, he deems that isn’t a feasible/worthy “add”...I will completely understand.