Confused about add storage path vs. import local content (beta)

I was running out of space on my primary drive and temporarily added an external drive to alleviate the problem. Since Channels only records onto the primary storage path, what is the real difference between moving files to the new drive and referencing via additional storage path vs. importing local content other than appearing in a specific place in the Channels web UI?

I stopped the DVR, copied files to new drive and deleted files at the original path, then ran the prune deleted curl command. After adding local content path, I see the shows in the Imports section of the web UI, but is there a way to go to the other method of adding a storage path and seeing the shows where they used to be (i.e. not in the imports section)?


That's your problem. By running prune deleted you told Channels to forget what recordings it had.

I see. So after that, it's impossible to re-integrate them into the database? I have to leave them where they are?

You can get them back. Just restore from a Channels DVR database backup that was made before you ran the prune deleted command. After restoring, any recordings you made since that backup will not appear in Channels and you would have to move those to an Import directory to bring them in.

When you do the restore, it will restore your old settings, so you would have to re-add the additional storage path in the web UI.

Unless the things are still in trash, or you restore an old backup.

In that case you could move the files to the secondary drive and add that path as a secondary location. With that setup no scanning or importing is required. When the dvr doesn't find a recording on the primary drive, it checks the secondary locations and uses it from there if found.

Would be nice (and I think most would prefer) if you can add a new storage path and use that as primary and set your old storage path as secondary. That way you wouldn't have to move your recorded files.

Based on that post I would assume that moving only the Database folder is mandatory? Or would you also need Logs (for comskip data?)

Sure you can. Stop the DVR, point secondary storage to the old primary, then change the primary location to the new path, then re-enable the DVR.

OK so with no database backup, and if the shows are not in trash, content cannot be integrated back into the database. Apparently only Channels itself can add content into the database via recording or database backup operation.

I would think a worthwhile feature to have is the function to scan storage paths for new content (the reverse of prune / delete operation). This exists for local content in the form of the scan button in the web UI. Adding a storage location should also trigger this operation.

Channels DVR automatically makes daily database backups. If you deleted the backups then there's nothing to restore. That would be like backing up your PC and deleting the backup. Also, they added Trash in case you accidentally delete or change your mind about deleting recordings.

Thanks, I did not realize that backups were made daily. Not sure what I would do with a backup that is N days old since I don't really know what state of the database it corresponds to.

Can you describe exactly how to do that? All I see is an option to ADD new locations but no way to manage which is the default. Is this going to be done by editing a config file vs. being in the management web gui (which is fine, I've just not done that yet)? Also, one more question about this - When I installed, I was not able to use a UNC to make the primary storage go to a NAS but I was able to add a UNC as a secondary directory. Now that they're both defined, is it possible to make the UNC the primary or am I stuck? (FWIW, I'm running on Windows VM but also have a docker install I've been playing with, and can use RaspPi if there's a difference)

After attempting to follow my own directions, I see all options go away when the DVR is disabled. So, you can do it beforehand.

From the DVR's web UI:

  1. Navigate to Settings > DVR Database > Storage Paths.
  2. Click on the :heavy_plus_sign: icon, and select your current DVR directory. (Yes, it will now show up twice, the second instance with a trash icon next to it.)
  3. Under Settings > Basic Setup > DVR, un-check DVR.
  4. In the path selector below where it now says Enable DVR, select your new location.
  5. Check Enable DVR.

Under the DVR Database section, you should now see your newly added new primary location, and listed below that will be your old/original location, with the trash icon beside it.


Looks like the UI has changed since the answer - how do you do this now? (I don't see "Settings>Basic Setup"). I did add a new storage path, but cannot change the default and I want everything to go to the external drive moving forward.

The web UI was restructured. The primary/recording storage location is under Settings > General > Basic Setup. Additional storage paths are defined on the same page, further down under the Library Database heading; the process is still the same.