Constant Micro-Pauses last couple months


Have hard wired FireTV 2nd Gen boxes. While using Channels app we get "micro-pauses" where the video does not really stop, but the progress bar at the bottom will show up for a few seconds. Very annoying. If we pause the live stream for a few seconds then play again, it fixes the issue so we have used this workaround for a while, hoping for a fix in an update. Nothing yet...

Playing from same HDHomerun devices on the HDHomerun app AND through the Plex app on the same devices works PERFECT, so it does not seem to be a network or hardware issue. Symptom is ONLY in Channels app.

Can we get a buffer increase, or some other fix?


Seems to be a lot of that going on, lately: Pausing When Watching Live TV


Are you watching OTA or also subscribed to Premium TV?


Same here using HDHomerun Prime for cablecard and firestick 4k.


Both OTA and Premium


Same here...on firestick 4k and Element firetv edition. Hdhr prime/cable-card.


I experience the same "micropause" using channels on FireTV 2nd gen.
I would also note that I had experienced these same pauses while watching HDHOMERUN DVR recordings.
the micropauses are quite annoying. anyone get any response to this or a fix?