Custom Channels Master List *Update 5/12/23*

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Updated section on HLS TUBE. Unfortunately I cannot tag user. Limited to 10 tags per post.

Any other corrections, major mistakes, or projects I forgot to include?

Maybe some information about downloading and integrating non-Live YouTube content? Manually or automatically: TubeSync, MediaHuman YouTube Downloader, Downie, etc.

Note too that this can be automated, and set up to serve Virtual Channels.

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By the way: great job compiling all of this into one thread! This is a great resource. Well done :clap:t3:

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Yes, thank you for putting this together and on one page. Hopefully it can stay updated.

BTW, @miibeez also has a bbc uk container that will provide BBC, ITV, Ch5, 4, and Blaze broadcasts if you are in the UK.

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Thank You!

With the @HankLloydRight ones:

  • There are several options that can be added to the end of the m3u. I don't know if you want to include this info or just note that they exist at all. Obviously, a lot of that info is in the linked thread.

With the @matthuisman ones:

  • Remove PBS. Although it is there, nothing works because of DRM, so this is very misleading.
  • I'd recommend also removing Pluto and Stirr. Although they both work, each can only have one user per station, so it causes major issues. People should either be using their own Dockers or the @HankLloydRight method.

With the @m0ngr31 one:

  • Should note that you can include ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, College Stations, ESPN+, Fox Sports, and MLB, all subscriptions required.
  • The base Docker command you show won't do much except ESPN+. I don't know how much with any of these you want to get into the nuances of what should be done with the Docker commands.

Not included:


I seem to remember that was a problem with the @matthuisman Pluto and Stirr links that had a constant device_id value.

When I put up, that was one of the issues I fixed so everyone gets a different device_id.

But I'm 99% sure that @tmm1 put a similar fix into the docker code (or possibly Channels itself) to also randomize the device_id values for these sources.


I will do another update probably tomorrow. I think i am going to split it into 2 post and use my placeholder post. There is a 10 tag/limit per post.

Edit: tmm1 increased tag limit to 25.

  1. Pending edits. Add m3u modifiers to @HankLloydRight . Anyone have link to modifiers.

2a) Remove pbs from @matthuisman

2b) Possibly remove pluto/srirr unless matt or @tmm1 can verify device_id issue has been fixed

3a) With @m0ngr31 include fact that it doesESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, College Stations, ESPN+, Fox Sports, and MLB, all subscriptions required.

3b) include more docker commands. Any input as to which ones should be included.

  1. Add

  1. Add link to @Fofer excel file for youtube videos

  1. Add donation link for CDVR devs

Any other additions, comunity projects, etc?.

Another article idea. Tutorial and instructions on setup/install docker on Windows. Instructions of installing docker images on windows.

Assumption. People using Linux are usually able to research how to install stuff. . . Windows users tend to be less technical. I had never used docker till CDVR.

Increased to 25


It's already in the first post in the "Non-Docker" thread. ?start=

I would say just an example that shows some of the options, like this:

Guide for setting up WSL:

Installing Docker Desktop is just an executable program, so people should just be directed to Docker's website and guides for that. I don't think you want to kill yourself trying to be the answer for everything; you've certainly done enough here already!

I'd like this. I want to subscribe and setup Frndly, but I have no clue how to do it, and really don't want to have to use a Docker, but seems there's no other way.

Same here. And I'm glad that option exists because it was surprisingly simple, far easier than it would have been if I had to figure out how to execute and keep the code running myself manually.

If your already running a always on windows server. Its not that intimidating

  1. Install WSL
  2. Install docker
  3. Reference post about WSL using to much resources
  4. desired docker container. Read the thread/ tutorial/instructions thoroughly. Then copy/past comand into terminal.
  5. Some docker files require you to authorize/login account after running docker

Docker sounds intimidating. But it's not. Within windows its mostly gui, point and click


I'm here, lurking... recently updated

any issues let me know (Roku) (new)


recent updates, of

Complete updates of

some additions, various edits, tags, links checked

These channels added to

DAZN Womens Sports (NZ)
Wipeout Xtra (NZ)
The Biggest Loser (NZ)
Fuel TV (NZ)
History and Warfare Now (NZ)


Update 1/06/23
added to xiaomi.m3u

Vivaldi TV
Fusebeat (UK)
Edgesports (Asia)
Sportsgrid (Asia)
Trace Sports Stars (Asia)
Zee News (Asia)
Zee Business (Asia)
9XM (Asia)
India TV (Asia)
SBT International (Asia)
Charlie (EU)
CCBM Broadcasting (EU)
Africa News (FR)
RCN Xtra (EU)
RCN Mas (EU)
Lovestories TV (EU)
Newsmax (EU)
Rakuten French Films (FR)
Shade TV (EU)

Update 4/06//23
added new playlist via

Update 5/06/23

added updated (by 3rd party)
added updated (by 3rd party)

l.g playlist restored to correct version

added to lg.m3u +misc edits removals

Update 8/06/23

broken links removed, other edits,

Moconomy (AT)
The Red Green Show (US)
Adventure Earth (FI)
Adventure Earth (GB)
Adventure Earth (IE)
Autentic History (FI)
Autentic History (GB)
Autentic History (IE)
Bloomberg TV (BE)
Bloomberg Originals (JP)
Deinfilmkanal (AT)
Gameplay (CH)
Autoallstars (BE)
Autoallstars (DE)
Autoallstars (FI)
Autoallstars (IE)
Autoallstars (IT)
Autoallstars (PT)
Autoallstars (US)
Unreel (AT)
Unreel (CA)
Unreel (CH)
Unreel (DE)
Unreel (FI)
Unreel (GB)
Unreel (IE)
Unreel (PT)
Unreel (US)
Food (CA)
Food (US)
Fuel TV (BE)
The Wutang Collection (DE)
The Wutang Collection (FR)
The Wutang Collection (IT)
Todays Homeowner (CA)
Todays Homeowner (US)
Fail Army (BE)
Fail Army (DE)
People Are Awesome (BE)
The Pet Collective (BE)
Freemoviesplus (US)
Playground TV (BE)
Rakuten Cnn International (AT)
Rakuten Drama (NL)
Rakuten Family (BE)
Rakuten Real Series (GB)
Rakuten Romance (NL)
Rakuten Serie Crime (IT)
Rakuten Serie Crime (FR)
Rakuten Spotlight (BE)
Rakuten Top Free (FR)
Rakuten Top Free (NL)
Court TV (CA)
Grit Xtra (US)
Ion Mystery (US)
Speedvision (IT)
Speedvision (PT)
Filmstream (AT)
Filmstream (SE)
Comedias (US)
Halloeltern (AT)
Halloeltern (CH)
Travelxp (ES)
Travelxp (DE)
Billiard TV (CA)
Billiard TV (US)
The Boat Show (AT)
The Boat Show (FR)
The Boat Show (GB)
Tastemade (CA)
Tastemade Home (CA)
Tastemade Home (US)
Tastemade Travel (US)
Haunt TV (UK)
Baywatch (CA) Geo
Buzzr (US)
Supermarket Sweep (CA) Geo
Dust International (NL)
Fuse Beat (UK)
CNN Fast (ES)
CNN Fast (FI)
CNN Fast (FR)
CNN Fast (IE)
CNN Fast (IT)
CNN Fast (PT)
History Time (DK)
Real Crime (DK)
Wonder (DK)
Qwest Classic (DK)
Qwest Classical (AT)
DAZN Combat (AU) Geo
DAZN Combat (FI) Geo
DAZN Combat (FR) Geo
DAZN Combat (MX) Geo
DAZN Fast (DE) Geo
DAZN Rise (DE) Geo
DAZN Womens Sport (AU) Geo
DAZN Womens Sport (BR) Geo
DAZN Womens Sport (FI) Geo
DAZN Womens Sport (FR) Geo
DAZN Womens Sport (MX) Geo
Masterchef (BR)
Wedo Big Docs (GB)
Wedo Big Docs (AT)
Wedo Movies (IT)
Infast (GB)
The Weather Network (CA)
Love Pets (GB)
Nature Time (ES)
Nature Time (FI)
Nature Time (FR)
Enquetesdechoc (FR)
Yaquelaverite (FR)
Love Magazine (DK)
Love Wine (GB)
Love Wine (NL)
Love Wine (PT)
The Kids (KR)
YH News (KR)
Conspiracy TV (AU)
Revolt TV (AU)
Sports News Highlights (AU)
Water Bear (DE)
Water Bear (FR)
Clubbing TV (AU)
HNC Free (DE)
HNC Free (UK)
Trace Brazuca (UK)
Trace Latina (MX)
Trace Latina (UK)

Update 10/06/23

Added to tcl.m3u (still some edits to do on this list)

Auto Allstars .DE
Dennis and Gnasher .US
Dennis and Gnasher .BR
Newsmax TV .CA
Real Nosey .DE
Meganoticias .MX
War and Military Now .US
Just for Laughs Gags .DE
Irish Eyes TV .US
Bigg TV .US
Kids TV .US
Lovenature Spanish
History Time .US
Q You India
Q Marathi
Q You TV

Update 17/06/23

added new playlists

Update 18/06/23

NHl ice hockey channel added to

Update 24/06/23

added to

Fuel TV (Australia)
Lead Story Breaking News (Australia) Thanks to Pete.P
Wipeout Xtra (Australia)
Vevo 70s (Australia)
Vevo 80s (Australia)
Vevo 90s (Australia)


MyZen Fit (Australia)
Museum TV Fast (Australia)
Love Stories TV (Australia)

Update 29/06/23

added to tcl.m3u

Just for laughs Gags .US
Euronews French .FR
Filmzie .AU
Nosey .AU
updated urls for
Horror TV
Kozoom TV
Outdoor Sport Channel
Kiddo Plus
Encore Plus
Danger Vision
Outer Vision Channel
Lol TV
Heartfelt TV
Bang Bang
Escape TV
Star Cinema

black neon

update 3/07/23

added to

Lead Story (NZ)
Four in a Bed (NZ)
Life Downunder (NZ)

added to

Life Downunder (AU)
Four in a Bed (AU)

Update 8/07/23



Sofy.TV (Sweden)
GB News (Sweden)
Bite (Sweden)
The Wicked Tuna Channel (Sweden)
Real Crime (Sweden)
Trace Urban (Sweden)
Love Magazine (Sweden)
Love Pets (Sweden)
Nature Time (Sweden)
World Of Love Island (Sweden)
Hells Kitchen (Sweden)
Xplore (Sweden)
Fuse Beats (Sweden)
Ticker News (Sweden)
Now 80s (Sweden)
Now 90s (Sweden)
Grjngo (Sweden)
Artflix (Sweden)
Rakuten Romance (Sweden)
Magellan tv (Sweden)
Youlook Docs Channel (Sweden)
Youlook Motorsport Se (Sweden)
Youlook Movies Series Se (Sweden)
Youlook Nordic Channel (Sweden)
Youlook Lifestyle Se (Sweden)
Reuters Now (Sweden)
Bigtjme (Sweden)
Rakuten Documentaries (Sweden) dead
History and Warfare Now (Sweden)
World of Staccs (Sweden)
Rakuten Gratisfilmer (Sweden)
Homes Under the Hammer (Sweden)
True Crime Now (Sweden)
Mechplus (Sweden)
Just For Laughs Gags (Sweden)
The Chat Show Channel (Sweden)
SvampBob Fyrkant
iCarly (Sweden)
Avatar (Sweden)


added to

FOX 5 Atlanta
FOX 5 Washington DC
Fox 2 Detroit
Fox 4 Dallas
Fox 13 Tampa Bay
Fox 2 San Francisco
Fox 29 Philadelphia
Fox 35 Orlando Florida
Fox 13 Seattle
Fox 11 Los Angeles
Atlanta News First
Fox 11 Los Angeles
Arizona's Family
Cleveland 19 News
WBTV News Charlotte
Fox 12 Oregon
Kmov 4 News Missouri
WSMV 4 News Nashville
KCTV 5 News Kansas City
WFSB Eyewitness News 3 Connecticut
Fox 19 Now Cincinnati
Maximum Effort
Four in a Bed
Gardening with Monty Don


The Craftistry
Today's Homeowner
Documentary Plus
The Elvis Presley Channel


added to

Trace Latina
Trace Urban
Wild Earth
Jovem Pan
Life Minute
FinTech TV
Edge Sports
Whacked out TV
Cooking Panda
Sportsnews Highlights
911 Encore
Carbon TV
Trace Sports Stars
Go Traveller
Sony movies

+various others

Update 21/07/23

A huge cleanup of tubi.m3u
Various edits, renames, replaced urls. Links checked, 243 channels

added to

Drag Race Universe
Maximum Effort
Revolt Mixtape
Julia Child
Antiques Road Trip
CBS 7 Seattle KIRO
NBC 6 Santa Barbara KSBY
ABC 9 Cincinnati WCPO
Florida 24
NBC 26 Green Bay WGBA
CBS 8 Missoula KPAX
KTTV FOX 11 Los Angeles
WMOR Very Tampa Bay
KMGH ABC 7 Denver

Update 22/07/23
A complete scan for dead or changed vidaa links, some services deleted

added to

Ticker News
Real Nosey (EU)
Lacasadel Jaripeo (EU)
Crime Thrillers (US)
Tastemade Free TV 16
The Carol Burnett Show
Brat TV
Davinci (US)
DAZN Combat (GEO)
DAZN ROW Women's Sport (GEO)
Mytime Movies (BR)
Mytime Movies (UK)
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Wedo Big Stories
Are We There Yet (US)
Great Movies TV
Sports Grid (CA)
Rakuten TV Shows (GB)
Rakuten Top Free (GB)
Rakuten Spotlight (GB)
Nosey (EU)
Bloomberg TV (EU)
Bloomberg Quicktake (EU)
Playground TV (EU)
Tankee (EU)
Pecan TV (EU)
Weather Spy (US)
People Are Awesome International (EU)
Fail Army International (EU)
Shade TV (EU)
Magellan TV (EU)
Our Vinyl TV (EU)
Tidpix (EU)
Globi TV (EU)
Rakuten Romance (DE)
Mech Plus (EU)
Witz TV (EU)
Action TV (EU)
Emergency (US)
Global Fashion Channel TV (EU)
Filmzie (GB)
Filmzie (US)

Updated 24/07/23
many dead links removed, some replaced ,some fixed


Grjngo (AT)
Autentic History (NL)
Autentic Travel (FI)
Autentic Travel (GB)
Autentic Travel (IE)
Autentic Spiegel TV Konflikte (AT)
Autentic Spiegel TV Konflikte (DE)
Dennis and Gnasher (GB)
Super Anime (GB)
Bloomberg TV (CL)
Bloomberg TV (CO)
Bloomberg TV (PE)
Bloomberg TV (NL)
Auto All Stars (CH)
Auto All Stars (GB)
Unreel (FR)
Unreel (IT)
Fashion TV (BE)
Fashion TV (NL)
Fubotv Sports (US)
Maximum Effort (US)
Wu Tang Collection (GB)
Wu Tang Collection (ES)
Too Wild (GB)
Fail Army International (NL)
People Are Awesome International (NL)
WeatherSpy (CH)
WeatherSpy (NL)
Mech Plus (GB)
PlaygroundTV (DK)
PlaygroundTV (NL)
Rakuten Comedy (NL)
Rakuten Drama (DK)
Rakuten Drama (SE)
Rakuten Family (LU)
Rakuten Gratisfilmer (SE)
Rakuten Series Crime (AT)
Rakuten Series Crime (DE)
Rakuten Spotlight (LU)
Laff More (US)
Filmstream (NL)
Travel XP (GB)
Travel XP (IT)
Travel XP (AT)
Travel XP (FR)
Trace Sport Stars (BR)
Trace Sport Stars (MX)
Trace Sport Stars (AU)
Dust International (BE)
Her Sphere (US)
Fuel TV Brazil PT (BR)
Fuel TV (DE)
Fuel TV (GB)
Fuel TV (IT)
Fuel TV (ES)
Fuel TV (FR)
Fuel TV (MX)
Real Life (NL)
Real Stories (SE)
Real Wild (DK)
Wonder (NL)
Quest Jazz (BE)
Dazn Combat (NL) GEO
Dazn Womans Sport (NL) GEO
Canela Cinema (CL)
Canela Cinema (CO)
Canela Cinema (MX)
Canela Novelas (MX)
Canela TV (CL)
Canela TV (MX)
Outdoor Channel (AU)
Flou (CO)
Flou (MX)
Flou (PE)
Flou Cine (MX)
Flou Cine (PE)
Life Minute TV (AU)
Nature Time (CH)
Pop Kids (GB)
Yh Economy (KR)
Estv (AU)
Show Champion
Weekly Idol
Arirang K-pop
We Play
The Heirs
Dingo Music
Robocar Poli
My Little Pet
The Nokdu Flower
My Sassy Girl
Running Man
I can hear your voice
K-Star Golf
Korean to id
MBN nid 170 to id
MBN nid 171 to id

Update 25/07/23

Rakuten TV UK (replaced 24/07/23)

Please note this is a scraped list, supplied by a 3rd party, replacing the old outdated manually made one. Some services may be GEO-blocked depending on location but not tagged as such.

Update 28/07/23
redbox.m3u replaced by 3rd party (autoscraped version)

you can access the old file via oldredbox.m3u
but it won't be current

Update 30/07/23

added to

ABP Ganga (Asia)
ABP News (Asia)
Ghaint Punjabi (Asia)
Zee 24 Ghanta (Asia)
Emotional (Asia)
Tastemade (AU)
Trace Sports Stars alt
Brat TV
Motus La Chaine
Outdoor Action (EU)
Lacasadeljaripeo (EU)
Our Vinyl TV (EU)
Ninja Kidz TV (EU)
Rise Financial (EU)
Chili Alta Tensione (IT)
Rakuten Series Crime (IT)
Rakuten Comedy Movies (IT)
Rakuten Estilo y Vida (ES)
Rakuten Series Crime (ES)


Reuters Now (EU)
Gravitas Documentaries (EU)
Gravitas Movies (EU)
Adrenaline (EU)
Unexplained (EU)
PowerNation (EU)
PowerNation Espanol (EU)
Fuel TV (DE)
Fuel TV (FR)
Fuel TV (ES)
Boxing TV (EU)
Television Concientes

Update 6/08/23

created new playlist from,

Update 22/08/23

added to

Fuel TV (FR)
Fuel TV (US)
Fuel TV (DE)
Fuel TV (FR)
Fuel TV (BR)
Fuel TV (AU)
Mtrsprt 1 alt
True Crime Now (CA)
Dennis and Gnasher (CA)
Just for Laughs Gags (MX)
Escapes (FR)
Africanews French (FR)
Euronews World (FR)
Funny or Die (US)
Global Fashion Channel (FR)
Cops (CA)
Magellan TV (CA)
Ditty TV (FR)
NewK id (CA)
Newsmax TV (FR)
Nosey (FR)
Nosey 3 (CA)
Our Vinyl TV (FR)
Preview Channel (CA)
Strongmans Champion League (CA)

removed some dead links, some redirects to be fixed next time

Fuel TV MX
Fuel TV BR
Reuters -TCL
Reuters .CA -TCL
True Crimee
Vintage TV
The Film Detective
Whistle Sports
Whistle TV
Tastemade PT16 Intl
Game Play .FR

Update 24/08/23

added to

El Pais
Laliga Plus
Fifa Plus (PT)
Fifa Plus (BR)
Fifa Plus (DE)
SBT International (BR)
SBT International (MX)
5 Minute Crafts Spanish (CL)
5 Minute Crafts Spanish (CO)
5 Minute Crafts Spanish (MX)
5 Minute Crafts Spanish (PE)

Update 8/09/23



Chili Buonumore (IT)
Chili Indimenticabili (IT)
Chili Velvet (IT)
Chili Hip Hop TV (IT)
Chili Rock TV (IT)
Yu-Gi-Oh (GB)
Yu-Gi-Oh (ES)
Got Game (EU)
Kids TV (US)
Bizzaro Movies (IT)
Playground TV (EU)
Playtoons TV (EU)
Rakuten British Films (GB)
Rakuten Classico (IT)
Rakuten Family (IT)
Rakuten Spotlight (IT)
Rakuten Top Free (IT)
Rakuten TV Shows (GB)
Strongmans Champion League (EU)
Wedo Movies
Humanity Documentaries (IT)
Saga Music
Heritage Plus
Heritage Tourism
The Chukker Channel
Bang Bang
Escape TV
Danger Vision
Kiddo Plus
Mercury Plus
Outer Vision
Horror TV
Heartfelt TV


Broadway on Demand (EU) Dead
Telezap dead
Sofy TV (FR) dead
Sofy TV (DE) dead
Sofy TV (ES) dead

update 9/09/23

added to


replaced with Australian URLS

Haunt TV
Fuel TV

added to

Outside TV
Pac 12 Insider
Washington Post

Update 16/09/23

new playlist added (source xumoplay)

The highlight being numerous NBC FAST channels

Update 21/09/23

added to

AMC All Reality (US)
AMC Espanol (US)
AMC Stories (US)
AMC Portlandia (US)
AMD The Walking Dead Fan Experience (US)
Grjngo (IT)
Curiosity Now (AT)
Curiosity Now (DE)
Autentic Spiegel TV Konflikte (CH)
Intipacha (ES)
Bloomberg TV (JP)
Bloomberg Originals (NL)
Bloomberg Originals (AU)
Autoallstars (LU)
Globi (CH)
The Pet Collective (AR)
The Pet Collective (CL)
The Pet Collective (CO)
The Pet Collective (PE)
WeatherSpy (LU)
WeatherSpy (BE)
Mtrspt 1 (AU)
Risateallitaliana (IT)
Rakuten Action (NO)
Rakuten Drama (NO)
Motorsport (FI)
Real Wild (SE)
Qwest Jazz (CH)
Qwest Jazz (NL)
Dazn Combat (AR)
Dazn Womens Sports (AR)
Fantasy Life (US) Geo
Masterchef UK (CA)
Hells Kitchen Germany (DE)
Hells Kitchen (SE)
River Monsters Gerrmany (DE)
Canela Cinema (PE)
Canela Telenovelas (CL)
Canela Telenovelas (CO)
Canela Telenovelas (PE)
Canela TV (AR)
Canela TV (CO)
Canela TV (PE)
Wedo Sports (AT)
Wedo Sports (DE)
PowerNation (CA)
Wild Earth (KR)
Flou Caribe (AR)
Flou Caribe (CL)
Waterbear Network (AT)
Homeful (GB)
Love Pets (FI)
Love Pets (NL)
NatureTime (ES)
Love Magazine (NL)
Love Wine (AU)
Love Wine (DK)
Antiques Road Show (US)
Tribeca (CA)
Tribeca (US)
Bollywood Prime (AU)
Mob TV (AU)
HNC Free (UK)
Wicked Tuna
Lala Life English
Lala Life Spanish
123 Go! English
123 Go! Spanish
Brightside English
Brightside Spanish
Slick Sam Spanish
Culture Pub

24/09/23 update


Tastemade Germany -TCL
Dazn Womens Football -TCL
Fuel TV .BR -TCL
Coindesk -TCL
Brat TV -TCL
Cinesureno -TCL
Juntos -TCL
Law and Crime -TCL
Johnny Carson -TCL
The Carol Burnett Show -TCL
Tastemade 16 INTL -TCL
Tastemade Free TV 16 -TCL
Fuel TV .BR -TCL
Coindesk -TCL
Tastemade Germany -TCL
Pecan TV -TCL
Made in Hollywood .BR -TCL
Made in Hollywood -TCL
Just for Laughs Gags .FR
Escape .MX -TCL
Africa News English -TCL
Euronews World .DE -TCL
Euronews World .MX -TCL
Auto AllStars .FR -TCL
Funny or Die .BR -TCL
Funny or Die .FR -TCL
Funny or Die .MX -TCL
Rakuten Viki .MX -TCL
Newsmax .MX -TCL
Real Nosey .FR -TCL
Our Vinyl TV .MX -TCL
Conflict .CA -TCL
Conflict -TCL
TidPix -TCL
Xploration Station -TCL
Xploration Station .CA -TCL
Xploration Station .BR -TCL
Xploration Station .FR -TCL

For anybody who needs a tubesync alternative

You could also use podman (which is WAYY better than docker IMO)

Any commands you use, you could just replace docker with podman and it'll work nicely