Disable channels not working

I have clicked the circle with the line thru it on the client app (Firestick 4K) on all the adult swim channels and many of the network news channels,
But when I select ALL for the Guide they still show up.
I also tried on the Server side but they still show up.

Could someone please reply to this and tell me why disabling a channel on the client does not remove it form ALL in the Guide.

This is what i do.
First block channels on server side. Do this on each source

Then on client side
*Client app --> setting. --> sources. --> manage sources. --> Pick a source --> Sync

You have to do this forveach source and each client. I have 19 sources. It was a pain in but.


Thanks for that tip. While I have only two sources, it’s a pain to set up favorites/hidden on each new client. I tried the Collections, but it wasn’t grabbing all sports on On Now. And I never understood what that Sync option really did. Now I do. Thanks again.