DVR AT HOME connection fails on pc and firestick


my channels fire stick player shows only a partial guide. the dvr will not connect either by pc or firestick use.


What error do you get when you try to connect?

What version of Windows are you using? Make sure the firewall is not blocking connections to Channels DVR.


This site cannot be reached.
win 10 pro
firewall settings still are same as yesterday and the dvr worked fine yesterday, i checked router settings and 8089 is still open.


Are you able to open the DVR web ui on the windows machine? Do you see the DVR icon in the system tray?

If the DVR is running on the PC, try to uncheck and recheck the Bonjour checkbox.

Or enter the IP you see under Bonjour into the FireTV under At Home.


The firewalll is open to Bonjour and Channels.
The dvr web ui will not open on the win 10 machine.
The fire tv at home refuses to let me enter the ip i had previously written down for the channels dvr.
The dvr icon is not in the system tray.


Okay so the DVR is not running at all which is why nothing works,

What happens if you search for Channels DVR on the start menu and run it? Does it show up in the system tray?

Please email the file c:\programdata\channelsdvr\data\channels-dvr.log to [email protected]


I searched for the channels dvr and it found channels desktop app. When I clicked on it the dvr started with "enable Bonjour trying to start. I unchecked and rechecked it and the dvr content loaded.
It is working on firestick and the pc now. Channels dvr is now in the system tray also.Thanks for your help.