DVR Beta Release Notes

The exactly why most of us here want to see what active changes are being done and be informed. No such posts or visible developmental progress shows a product this is not actively being developed or supported. Case in point, the devs that do Emby, or Ubiquiti or Merlin Asus firmware, to the Download Manager I use or apps on my phone, all produce changelogs with each build (release, P.R, Beta, Alpha)....its an industry standard practice. (Google also now is enforcing dev changelogs in the app descriptions)

It kinda is like i load up today's local news feed and all that is there is "some news happened to day." and that is it. It may or may not be relevant to me what is reported, but I still want the ability to decide that for myself.

It is your opinion to call a simple criticism and suggestion for improvement as "harsh", or something so simple, but yet important to most anyone like me who now rely on this software.

I do appreciate the further explanation given... but it sounds more like an excuse to me. I have expressed my opinion on that, and I am sure others woudl be far more "harsh" then i am apparently am being.

It also is kinda rude, imo, to have ignored the post for 17 days. In one of the posts this is said by the dev "As we grow, and the community grows, we'll figure out a better way to do this." But it does not sound like they are listening very well to me, at least on this specific topic.


I wasn’t going to say harsh, I was going to say “Demanding and condescending.” At this point everybody on the forums (including the devs) knows you want change logs. Would that be nice? Sure. However, posting about it repeatedly and going on about how simple it should be is likely not going to improve the chances of it happening. On the other hand, it does lower your standing with the rest of the community.


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Meanwhile the devs have been dismissive. Simply because they have been writing software for a long time doesn’t mean their process for doing so cannot be improved. If they can take the time to provide change logs for iOS/tvOS/macOS users, they can do the same for Android/Android TV users.

A “hotfix” process doesn’t exclude notes or change logs. It simply doesn’t. The claim is that these are simply rolling bug fixes to address things brought up in this forum. Common sense dictates that it would be valuable to be able to identify those bugs and then track feedback from users after those bugs have been addressed. The logic laid out in this thread indicates that those bugs are apparently addressed, but no one bothers to tell users when they have been unless they use certain devices. The same can be said for new or additional features that are first tested in this format. They just randomly appear with little to no explanation.

Also...and I can’t believe I have to write this...if you don’t consider it to be a beta process...maybe don’t put beta in the file name of the release?

We aren’t just out here whining about some free app or software. We are paying for this. Some small degree of notice of change from one version to the next is not at all unreasonable.


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that exactly what i was trying to say

But you aren't paying for "this" you're paying for stable release and with those stable releases you also do get release notes, the betas are provided to you at no additional cost and is an opt in bases. So with betas you aren't entitled to anything at all. if you want release notes in a any you like I'd suggest downgrading back to the stable version.


Please show me where a differentiation is made between whether I am paying for access to the stable version or the beta version.

Let’s not also forget that the devs don’t consider what they call a beta to actually be a beta...even though they call it a beta.

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What does it matter? This topic seems to be getting out of hand. While it may not be the answer we want to hear, you have to respect them for responding. There have been 5 replies from the Devs in this thread alone.

It's simple enough at this point. Use the stable release if you want change log/release notes. If you want to try the newest build, do so with the understanding that there isn't currently any official release notes (other than reading through other topics). That is nothing to get upset over :).


This thread was originally about the dvr server pre-releases, but is now conflating our app beta program with the dvr hotfix process.

Our comments earlier do not apply to the Android beta. Beta builds for Apple and Android are part of the official beta program that you can sign up for on Unfortunately, compared to the Apple beta process, the Android side has always been a haphazard mess. Most of our Android users are on FireTV devices, and cannot even download the beta. Those who can opt-in via the Play store have no control over when the beta is installed, and also cannot install the stable and beta versions side-by-side. And due to technical issues with the beta release APIs, Android beta uploads were often missing release notes. Conversely, on iOS/tvOS via TestFlight you can browse the last 90 days of beta releases, see their notes, and easily install any of them to test, all while leaving the stable version installed separately.

Given how much friction the Android beta process is causing, we've decided to stop releasing Android beta updates for now until we can rewrite the release tooling to improve this process.

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If you do not release anymore Android Betas you will lose the testing that us Beta users can do for you. I surely am disappointed about this news.

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I agree with @Edwin_Perez, I am fine with the current process (improvements are always welcome) and I don't experience any friction. When I see post like these, I click on the posters' name and generally see their "Read" levels are far too low for me to take them seriously. For whatever reason, some come here to just, well, take a dump. Beta is whatever the devs decide. You guys are awesome. The response times are crazy fast and unheard of when dealing with companies with thousands of employees. You are also better people then me; I simply don't deal with this "stuff" as well as you do.


No because you cannot have beta if you not paying for stable. so the argument is invalid and @jrcorwinis right here.

I wouldn't write any version on Android if I were you. Better to write quality software for quality platforms :slight_smile:

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Terms are NOT a set standard. Companies, developers, programmers, platforms, do NOT use the terms the same way or have the same structure. so it is very confusing.

Some use "beta", others say "pre-release". Others say "testing". or "canary" all mean the same thing/build for their product.

Some have many layers of versions.
Daily/Nightly Dev
Beta (testing)
Release (stable)

Like, Emby team only has Stable and beta. to them, beta is a pre-release as well, but still considers it beta? but what does that mean? it is subjective i guess. to some Beta and Pre-Release status are the same thing. Or anything not Stable Release, is a "beta".

For sake of clarity, I am referring to and want notes for the Channels DVR software (for PC), not the apps. I already see some info given in the Android apps, both Stable and "beta" as they are labeled on that platform. As I linked to previously as an example case, the github page for Emby Server, every "beta" build the devs make, the changes, are listed there. That is what i suggest and feel any software, not just Channels, should be doing.

It gives the user the information needed to be informed as to what was tweaked, changed, so that they can focus on that feature of the program to notice any issues, if they so desire. Or just use things like normal, and if issue happens, they see in changelog that direct thing was changed in last build and they save everyone here, and dev time by being able to point things out.

@speedingcheetah: It sounds like our non-stable DVR releases are not what you're looking for. Please stick to the stable releases unless you we tell you that you've run into a bug that is fixed in a specific build.

If you run into a bug please contact us and we'll help you figure out what's going on and what the best course of action is to fix it.

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Not at all. You seem to be misunderstanding. and jump to a conclusion. Which as others have pointed out before, comes across as dismissive.

What I (and others here) are commenting on/ providing valid feedback for, and "what we are looking for", is a central change log notes on your "Pre-Release" version of the DVR software. That is it. Weather or not a Stable or Pre-release version is "what you'r looking for" (to use) is outside the scope of this feedback request.

I have been using the Pre-release versions the last week or 2. And i find, eventually, the Testing a new feature posts buried on these forums...those are good, and do provide venue to provide feedback for that specific change/add on, but it is no excuse or logical reason to deam it a replacement for a central "pre-release" change log.

Am i gonna quite using Channels cause yall seem to not care about this specific topic, or have decided to not do a changelog, no....I am just providing feedback as a user, same as others here.

It also confuses users here to not have any uniformity, Couple devs here are still calling things beta, while at least 2 others insist not a beta at all. The forum tag for the new thing added to the DVR "pre-releases" are labeled DVR Beta.

Edit: Seems locking a thread does not disable users from being able to edit or add on to their posts. :crazy_face:

This topic has been discussed to its full extent. I'm gonna go ahead and close the thread now.


DVR pre-release notes are now being published.

You can read more about it here:

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