DVR Schedule View Option

Shouldn't the calendar date range display the actual date range?
Currently: Schedule for April 24 - May 1, 2022
Should be: Schedule for April 24 - April 30, 2022
i.e Sunday - Saturday

Perhaps it's set for 604,800 seconds (one week), which might put the date display into a second over midnight, instead of the second before it? ...

(Dates/times have always been computationally complicated.)

I can now see why Aman has been laying low for awhile.
Thought he was on vacation or something, but no, he's been hard at work coding this for us.
Thank you @tmm1

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I had nothing to do with this, it was all @maddox.


This is such a great feature!!! Thank you.

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Incredibly perfect bug report :heart:


These bugs are fixed in the latest pre-release:


@maddox Thank You Jon for implementing this!

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I just came in to say that I love this feature! It would be cool if we could get it in the apps too. I see that it's not in the plans, but thought I would at least voice my interest in case the plans change at all. :grinning:


Just freaking awesome. Great work.

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I really like the Calendar view and find myself switching back and forth between scheduled and completed jobs less often now. Nice, all in one display of what's been recorded and what's scheduled.
Would it be possible to somehow mark problem recordings in the same view?
i.e. missed, delayed, interrupted and HDHR signal/network errors.
Just something to bring those recordings to our attention.


Yeah I’ll look into it. The cells are pretty small, but I’ll see what I can do.

Failures are already shown there, fwiw.


Not sure how it's supposed to look, but I'm not seeing anything on this one.

Calendar view

Manage Shows view

I meant failed recordings. Recordings that don't happen at all.

Ahh, got it.
Even something this simple would be nice
Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 20-08-55 Channels Calendar-3

Forced a failure to see what it looks like.

Just noticed this new view in the web Ui, i do not use the guide there very often..

Anyways, its cool this calendar view view, but is lacking one thing that would make it actually useful to me. Presently, it shows the same as the other list view, the scheduled recordings, in order, but does not overlap the ones that are at the same times. If this view somehow would do this, would be a much better visual indicator of the true state of users set recording schedule.

circled in red are the programs that should be shown overlapped or something.

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I hesitate to suggest, but since we are on the calendar topic. It would be cool if an iCal link could also be generated from this view for use in subscribing to the recordings calendar for integration in to various calendar apps. Sonarr has a link that I have been using for a long time to update my iPad calendar. This is just a little idea that seems to be appropriate here since Calendar view is the logical place for such an iCal link to be listed.

The Sonarr view.

The View on my iPhone using Calendars 5 app.

Edit: Just noticed something simular suggested

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Added in the latest pre-release:



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This is very nice! :smiley:

Great job, @maddox :+1:

I don't want to push it but...

  1. would it be possible to show exactly how much the delay was for a delayed recording? ("Recording started 2 minutes late")
  2. when hovering over a scheduled recording, would it be possible to show the channel information too?

Thanks! :grin: