DVR State of the Union - April 2016

Hey everyone!

We just wanted to communicate some things about the state of development of DVR and the availability of a beta. While we wouldn’t dare commit to any dates, we CAN commit to when it won’t be available! :slight_smile: You should not expect to see a beta of DVR within the next two months.

Catch Up

When we first announced that we were doing Channels DVR, the codebase we had was nothing more than a proof of concept. We needed to prove to ourselves that this could be done at a level of quality we expected and in a way that we felt could be the best DVR around. So we’ve had plenty of work to do since then, and even more work to do now.

Also, my wife and I are having a :baby: in the next week. This will halt all of my contributions to the project completely for a couple of weeks. I should be able to ramp up again after a couple of weeks.

State of the Union

Ok, now that you’re caught up with where we were when we first announced and why you shouldn’t expect any sort of beta in the next couple of months, here’s a taste of what we HAVE completed and what currently works in Channels DVR.


  • Secured a guide provider
  • Simple installer
  • Auto updater
  • Rudimentary build system to build Channels DVR for multiple platforms and architectures

DVR Backend

  • Finds all your HDHomeRun devices
  • Set your provider lineup for each device
  • Fetches guide data for your lineups
  • Recurring recordings of a selected show
    • all new episodes
    • all episodes
  • Record a single airing
  • Search for shows
  • View airings of a show
  • List scheduled jobs
  • List recorded programs
  • Set playback time of a recording (for resuming)
  • Set watched state of a recording
  • Delete recording


  • List recordings
  • Play or resume a recording
  • Search for shows
  • List upcoming airings of a show
  • Record a single airing
  • Record a show that’s currently playing live
  • Create a recurring recording of a show (new and all)
  • Manually mark a recording as watched/unwatched
  • Video player updates playback time as you watch (for resuming later)
  • Video player marks recording as watched appropriately


So that being said, we have a REALLY nice core that we REALLY like. Things are working. Things are happening. Things are getting done. And while this list sounds like something that is totally ready for a beta, it’s absolutely not the case. All of the glue and polish needs to be applied to pull all of these independent features together to create the product we know you guys are going to love.

That part takes time and devotion. So bear with us while we cross t’s and dot i’s. And while I go off and have a :baby: real fast :slight_smile:

Thanks for alllllllllll of your interest. It really keeps us excited and working as hard as we can. Channels DVR will be here soon we promise and we think even more now that you’re going to love it.


Thanks for the update.
Congrats on the :baby:! Enjoy your time off.

Good luck with the baby and welcome to the life of endless sleep :smiley: its going to be amazing- look forward to seeing something at the end of summer?

Hi, is this your first baby? Wish you a nice time as a familiy!

It’s our second. Thanks!

No sympathy then, you already know what’s coming. Man up and crack on with the work lol *jokes

Similar situation. Mines now 8weeks. I miss my sleep. I need my sleep.

Good luck.

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Congrats on both accounts. Thank you for sharing!

Congrats on the baby.
Thanks for the update of your current build sheet.

Can you share any info on the provider and if/how that may affect a grid EPG?

Congratulations on the baby! Would it be ok to inquire, which guide provider you chose and is it the same for the international market? :slight_smile:

We have found a provider for guide data in US and Canada, but are still looking for providers for international data.

Congrats on the kid… and for continuing to develop the best app around for ATV!

No, you need more shows to watch while you’re not getting sleep. :wink:

Congratulations on the new addition to your family. What a great time.

Congrats on the new addition. Can’t wait to beta the software some day.

Congratulations on the new baby.

Thank you for sharing and helping us manage our expectations.

Please don’t be rovi, please don’t be rovi,…

This is great to here.

I am still using SageTV (still running strong even though Google bought it and tried to kill it) but have had no luck getting integration with the AppleTV.

At this point, i am just using Infuse to play back the video files off my Mac mini + external storage, and then using Channels to watch live TV - its working well, but cludgy to explain to others.

Thanks for all the great work so far!

Ok, so you have had a month to play with the new family edition… Are you ready to get back to work? :slight_smile:

Just curious I know it’s been a month, and that time flys with a newborn, and it’s a great time. Wondering if there was any news on the DVR Beta front. I think we have 20 days left on the current release before it times out and if we might see a new backend to test of another continuance of the existing version…

Either way, Continue to enjoy the newborn, they are only like that once, and you don’t get that time back…

We should start seeing the beta soon according to this post? :slight_smile: All of the features sound cool.