Echo Show 15 now with Fire TV interface

The Echo Show 15 now has a full-fledged Fire TV interface and can install apps from the Amazon app store. It does say apps may need updates to be fully compatible with the touchscreen interface. @tmm1 @maddox, will Channels run on this device today and/or receive updates to be fully touch compatible? If so, this would be the perfect device to finally get Channels in my kitchen!

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Have been waiting on this update to commit to buying one of these for my kitchen and also interested in confirmation that Channels will function. (Have seen that BBC iPlayer will currently not work).

Shame they did not get this functionality out during the Black Friday price reduction as it could have shifted a few units.

I had the Echo Show 15 and really liked it and use it often like it even more now with Fire TV but can't find the Channels app, access Channels DVR on 2 Nvidia Shields here. Mine is in my kitchen and works great but I can't find the Channels app to install on this... They had some specials, will likely have more after Christmas....

I would appreciate info on where to find/get the Channels app to run on the Echo Show 15.

Thanks !

Hmm. Can you sideload it, like the Spotify apk?

On the Echo Show 15 --> from the new FireTV interface select 'Find' on the main screen and then select 'Search'. I was able to find it and install ChannelsDVR. So far it works great!!!

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Thank you !!! I tried all sorts of things but somehow missed trying it as you suggested - it worked !!

Channels DVR on Echo Show

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Very interesting! Now I'm considering this as a TV for the kitchen.
And so I'm curious, does the Channels app and interface work with the Alexa Voice Remote?
Or is it touch-screen only?

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Touch doesn’t work at all…apps have to be specifically updated to work with touch. The Alexa remote works exactly as expected.


There is also an on-screen remote that does work, but the FireTV remote is the best way to go

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Bummer, Amazon is blocking sideloading on this device now :frowning: