Enhanced Library movie Genres not working

When I select a Genre nothing happens just goes to the Top.

What are you clicking and on which screen?

Libray - Movies - Genres - Horror or any Genre.

Latest Beta

I'm seeing this issue too, on Android mobile as well.

After selecting a genre (Library > Movies > Genres > [any genre]), the page title changes from "Movies" to the selected genre name, but the movies shown are exactly as before, and not filtered by the chosen genre.

Android beta app v2022.10.08.0030
Submitted app diagnostics: 949e530b-287c-44f1-aba1-c2e8a306b400

This is fixed in next beta.


I'm still seeing one small inconsistency in v2022.10.12.1528 after selecting a genre: the Collections section is not being filtered, unlike all the other sections.

Collections shouldn’t show at all when movies are filtered by genre. This is being corrected.