ESPN+ & FOX Sports with Custom Channels via EPlusTV

The second one is closest. It should be:

-e USERNAME="username" -e PASSWORD="password"

You have a single quote at the end of your example.

for some reason I can't get it to open ip:8000/channels.m3u

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Username and password aren't used except for now

the docker is running and port is open but i can't pull the channels/m3u

The Fox 4k football games today still not working. 404 not found.

I was experiencing a similar issue with some news recordings. Turns out it's a feature, not a bug. By any chance, have you enabled the new Sports section?

When you turn on the Sports Section, all of your sports content will be hidden from the rest of your library browsing and available exclusively in the Sports Section. This gives you a dedicated place for all of your sports and helps clean up your library a little.

No, it's a bug. I record a ton of sports and they all show up in recordings. The only ones that do not show up are the E+ recordings. I never changed anything with news or sports and definitely nothing in the season passes.

The recordings section should show you all recordings. I have seen the E+ recordings show up occasionally on their own, but it's random and often doesn't happen until well after the event is underway.

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I keep running into issues with games over the allotted time getting cut off on the recording. Even when I add extended time to record it ends at the initial schedule time. Anyone else run into that or know how to solve this?

I have never experienced that. Is this from a manual recording or one that is a pass?

I do manual recordings with added padding in case it runs over but it seems to be disregarding the padding for some reason.

What tuner are you using to record? Is there something else that is supposed to record when it ends?

So when I record off ESPN+, I pad without issue (normally 30 min or an hour).

I believe that the channels in the container allow for an hour before the channel switches. The only time I’ve seen your case is when a delay (weather) outruns the padded record time.

So if you missed something at the end go to the espn app and watch the replay which allows FF.

Last year I mainly used ESPN+ to watch NHL games and didn't even think to add them to Channels DVR. Yesterday, I came across this thread about adding the Espn+ games to Channels and set it up and it's working perfectly.

I'm glad I can record both broadcast versions of most NHL games because I usually like one broadcast over the other. However, I guess I would prefer to just record the broadcast I want but when setting up the recording ahead of time both guide listings for the same game are exactly the same. Has anyone found a way to figure out which broadcast is which with the duplicate guide listings?

Last season I was able to find somewhere else in the metadata that was generated, where it would say “my favorite NHL team Broadcast.” I was able to cue in on that and only record that broadcast. That data doesn’t seem to be a part of the latest version. @m0ngr31 any chance on getting this capability put back in on a future update?

Are you a Spectrum customer? If so, they started blocking access to Fox Sports streams from non-Spectrum internet. I'm a Spectrum TV customer, but use Quantum Fiber for internet (they don't offer TV). Because of that, all Fox Sports streams are blocked. Spectrum sucks.

I'm not familiar with that particular feature in Channels, but I'll look at the metadata and see if there is something missing from last year

I appreciate it. I can't remember exactly where it was because I accidentally obliterated my season pass from last year. I think it may have been in the subtitle maybe? If there was for example, local broadcasts for both the Kraken and the Avalanche, while they were playing each other. I could key in on the one that said "Avalanche Broadcast" for my season pass, to only record the local Avs broadcast.

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I'd like to request this as well. I don't care about a dedicated 4k channel but an extended feed from a channel would be really helpful for when a game runs long like all MLB games do. I continue to run into issues where my recordings are interrupted after 3.5 hours because the next program is starting on a totally different channel.

Last night's ALCS game was a perfect example. I had it running with an hour padding but after just 30 minutes extra it switched from the live 4k feed to a college football show on the Big 10 Network which is 720. Having the two resolutions really messes up the recording not to mention it sucks not having the whole game.

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I cannot figure out how to hide the extra ESPN+ channels that are not active from my guide. These empty channels do not show up in the ON NOW section, but do so in the vertical guide. Anyone figure this out already?

I would love this feature as well. I want to use Channels to record NHL games, and it lists two feeds for most games. I want the Calgary Flames broadcast, but the guide data does not differentiate between the two. But when you use ESPN+ to watch the game, it gives the option, for example, for "Flames Broadcast" or "Sabres Broadcast"