"Meet the Press" recordings not showing in "Up Next" or "Recently Updated TV Shows"

I have a season pass for "Meet the Press." It records on Sunday mornings. I do see it show up on Channels DVR, in the webUI. However none of my Channels clients (AppleTVs, iPhone or iPad) show the newly recorded episodes in the usual spots. It's not in "Up Next," nor is it in "TV Shows > Recently Updated." What would explain this?

Before anyone asks, yes, the show's "visibility" is set to "Library." It is NOT "Hidden."

This has been happening for the past 2-3 weeks. I do see "Meet the Press" in the newly released "News" section; it's under "Recently Aired" as well as "Your Shows." It's also in a "Recent Recordsings" and my "News Compilation" collection.

But why isn't it showing in "Up Next," or the usual "TV Shows > Recently Updated" where we're accustomed to checking first? No other shows, news or otherwise, are behaving this way.

I saw a similar (but not identical) bug report here but that may just be about EPlus recordings.

Any feedback or suggestions appreciated.

Check the Show Options to verify its not hidden from Up next

This started happening to me when the news and sports sections where added.

All news recordings only go to the news section as well as sports.

Ah, good call. I never intentionally changed that setting, haven't used it for any of my shows. But sure enough, the "Include in Up Next" toggle was off, for this show. And so I toggled it back on.

Unfortunately I'm still not seeing today's "Meet the Press" in "Up Next," nor is it in "TV Shows > Recently Updated." I refreshed metadata just to see if it would help (it didn't.) I force-quit and relaunched the client too, to no avail.

Are there any other "refreshing" steps I should take? Or will that "Include in Up Next" setting only kick into effect... with next week's recording?

Hmm. For me at least, other news recordings seem to be behaving fine, and are appearing where I'd expect them to appear, it's just "Meet the Press" that is not. But the timing of this issue, with regards to the introduction of the "News" and "Sports" sections, does check out. Thanks for the corroboration!

What if you mark today's episode as watched and then unwatched?

Are you sure they meet the requirements for News? Because what @AeroR1 described is exactly how it works. If you have the News or Sports sections turned on, they won’t show in the main library.

Here’s how that works:

If you're getting gracenote guide data for NBC & MSNBC, then Meet the Press has the following
"Genres": ["Talk", "Interview", "Politics", "News", "Public affairs"]

This had no effect.

Ah, OK. I missed the explanation that enabling the new "News" section also hides that same matching content from the other sections automatically. I thought it would still appear everywhere, and that this was just an additonal "smart collection" view, of sorts. Now that my expectations are reset, I also see that some recorded shows, like "Elizabeth Vargas Reports" from NewsNation, had no genre set at all, so they weren't included. Nightline was tagged as "news" and not the more appropriate (IMO) "newsmagazine." And finally, some other shows, like "CBS News Sunday Morning" are tagged by default as "newsmagazine" and not "news." I also see the setting to include that genre in the News section too though, so I'll probably leave that one as-is.

So that explains that, I'll clean up the genres so the feature works with my recorded content more predictably, and now know to watch news, to go to that section, and not expect to see those shows interspersed amongst "Up Next" or "Recently Updated."

Thanks for the answers and explanation, everybody.

I like the feature, just wish I could reorder them in the main menu.

Agreed, I'd love to move them up, much closer to "Up Next." They deserve more priority in the sidebar list than where they are currently, close to the bottom of it. Especially "News," we're going into that section multiple times a day.

This is probably a good feature request for the original thread: [BETA] News & Sports Sections in tvOS/iOS