Evolving the Channels App UI on iPadOS and tvOS

Love Channels. In general, love the UI...having lived with it for a few years now, I can appreciate the thought that went into the design of many parts of the interface I take for granted.

One area that Channels can be even better at is episode management. Specifically, when I bring up a specific episode and I want to delete it, mark it watched, etc...it always feels like an extra, unnecessary step. The UI that pops up has plenty of extra white space on either side of it to include buttons / checkboxes for the additional options, but instead they’re hidden by “... More”. When you do this a lot in the course of a day as I occasionally do...that’s a lot of clicking into a menu that’s unneeded.

In case what I’m describing is hard to follow...see this screenshot from my iPad (though the same issue exists in even larger scale on an Apple TV):

Any chance of this making the backlog in 2020?

Thanks again for an awesome product and service!

Agree. With the institution of the Trash it sounds like some changes to reduce the number of steps to delete an episode will be happening soon.

Other options on iOS would include supporting swipe to delete or a context menu.

The developers have mentioned that the existing DVR design is for “light” usage with fewer episodes/shows than we are using in practice, so I hope this can be addressed as part of the revamp.