Exiting Player from Recording Seems Broken in Beta

While playing a recording on my Fire TV Stick 4K, when I press the Back button (on the stock remote) to exit the player, the app surprisingly shows the "Preparing your TV..." startup screen for a few seconds, and then drops to the most recent top-level page (e.g., Movies), rather than returning to the recording's detail view like it should. This seems to be a bug.

I'm using the latest v2021.12.17.2308 beta. In the latest v4.0.1 release, the player correctly exits back to the recording's detail page, and IIRC, also exited correctly in the recent v2021.12.13.1653 beta. This issue only happens with recorded content, whereas live content exits back to the Guide or On Now normally and immediately.

Diagnostics: 4e7e93d7-4fe2-4b1f-8a44-82e622abeabf

My Firestick 4K became so buggy, I stopped using it. Has it been buggy with any other apps or has only Channels DVR been problematic? How much space do you have left on the device?

Thank you. Crash report received. Will fix.

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My Fire TV Stick 4K has not been buggy with other apps, and the Channels DVR app also has not been problematic. I am rather highlighting a specific bug I encountered in a recent beta.

It has enough free space: about 1.5 GB.

Additionally, this bug seems to be specific to Fire TV, since this does not happen on an Android TV device using the same v2021.12.17.2308 beta.

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Fix uploading now. Only certain android versions were affected.


I reformatted my Firestick 4k, and the mistake I made was I let it automatically add all the apps I was using. By the time I got everything setup like I had it, I was nearly out of space. It became buggy again. Doesn't matter now. I have moved on from that device.