Experimental: Local Networks (NBC, ABC, FOX) in some major metros via TVE

I have the same issue on ABC, but it's definitely NOT a case of not having access - i actually have 2 affiliates that i can bounce between, depending on where my ISP decides where my location should be. I'm in a DMA border town.

What returns for you when you run https://geolocation.onetrust.com/cookieconsentpub/v1/geo/location ? Is it accurate?

Same issue here with ABC. I'm able to log in with my provider via abc.com but not channels. I submitted a diag. Maybe @tmm1 can take a look?


any chance your condition matches mine in prior post?

My geolocation is showing correct using the link you posted


Good, and the affiliate in ABC site is as expected? The issue i highlight is that mine would bounce between 2 affiliates, and the mismatch is what caused issues.

The affiliate is correct and is not changing (from what I've noticed so far)

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Just enabled the local channels through TVE. Works perfectly for all big 4 networks. Thank you so much for adding this feature!

just noticed i lost FOX somehow, which is an issue with the all star game being on tonight. any ideas? i'm in the LA market and can still see it via the web.


Ditto. Cleveland. “Playback Failed 403”

Working in St. Louis

Did you send them the logs using the support button on top of the web settings page? They have fixed any issues I have had very quickly doing that.

Does Fox work with your credentials at Fox.com?

it came back at some point in the past few days. didn't help me watch the all star game, though.

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Lost ABC in the Atlanta market with Directv Stream.

Troubleshooting: Toggling Local networks via TVE
Rescan the channel in Sources

Error: abcgo: 1037:Unable to retrieve required files for playback. Please try again in a few minutes.

ABC App works (iOS and TvOS)
ABC Website works from safari and mobile safari on my home network same network as channels server.

Diagnostics: af1273f9-e9cc-4df2-9736-e10c24c4f453

Cross posting for more visibility here:

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So I tried this and don't know what I am supposed to get back. But it is reporting the state of Georgia, which is correct. On my phone I had private relay enable and it was reporting California. But my Mac has that disabled and thus reporting Georgia.

I have tried in chrome and safari browsers and get the same results. I have also tried toggling the TVE switch off/on in both safari and chrome in normal and incognito modes. I still don't get ABC with the same error.

I thought I remember seeing something on one of the channels with a ticker about DirecTV.

Are you one of these on this list.

Ok, I have tinkered with this feature off and on for over 2 months but have never been able to get it working. I always get some form of "failed to retrieve location" message. I used https://geolocation.onetrust.com/cookieconsentpub/v1/geo/location and it is returning my country and state correctly but nothing more specific. I can log into ABC, FOX, and NBC with my TVE credentials and view live streams of my local stations. I am not running a VPN or local ad block. I have changed every setting I know about on Safari and Chrome (I thought it may be using chrome to fetch geolocation but from reading this thread it appears to be the browser you are using to adjust settings). Any help would be appreciated.

It's hit or miss all the time. My local ABC and CBS and even FOX appear and disappear seemingly randomly at different times. One never knows if you can watch any of them at any given time, let alone record something. It's frustrating but assume it has something to do with geolocation and the provider reading and perhaps my internet provider as well. End of the day, no one is going to fix anything. It works fine for the local NBC and that's the one I generally watch so it works for me but it sucks to not have the other locals reliably available and able to record with them.

EDIT: My internet and TV provider is Mediacom in Wisconsin (SW) if it matters

So I am still not able to get my Local ABC channel with this feature. When I do a channel scan I get:

WVPI - which is Philadelphia ABC channel.

I'm supposed to get WSB-TV in atlanta, which I have gotten before and it went away.

If I go to ABC Live Stream - ABC.com I authenticate with my DirecTVStream credentials I get the right channel streamed live.