Experimental: Local Networks (NBC, ABC, FOX) in some major metros via TVE

I am also having issues with my ABC. Channels tries and fails to stream WUTV which is out of Syracuse, NY. My abc.com login gives me my local, WTNH out of New Haven, CT as well as WABC out of NYC.

Sent logs and an email, heard nothing back.

I also noticed I can get Fox 5 out of NYC using my Youtube TV login, but channels doesn't even show it as a possibility.

This feature is experimental and doesn't always work.

You can try updating to prerelease and uncheck/recheck the experimental option. It may help with the ABC issues.

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Oh I get its experimental, totally understand why its not perfect.

The pre-release server did solve my ABC issue.

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Was on this release: 2022.11.09.1733
I tried multiple times. Found the fix for me. My mesh network Eero has Ad blocking on for the network. I changed it so the Channels DVR computer was exempt from the Ad Filter.

ABC is working now.

I'm running 2022.11.15.1908 server on Mac OS; have tried disabling Local Networks via TV Everywhere and re-enabling over https with location several times (while logged in/streaming from https://www.fox.com/live/channel/KTVU/) but FOX is still not present in Channels DVR. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Have you tried while Fox is on the air broadcasting? Somewhere in this or another thread I've read that can help.

Others also having issues

I couldn't get mine to work for a couple of weeks and then it started working again.

I have had to fix my FOX station almost daily. I think we are just at the mercy of them making changes.

I'm in the Philadelphia TV market and have been using Channels DVR with an HDHR Flex to get my locals. The local broadcast changes caused by the FCC repack made CBS spotty and unreliable in bad weather and eliminated ABC reception. We didn't didn't really care about the loss of ABC until the NFL scheduled a Monday night Eagles game for Sept 19 on ABC. So in early September I signed up with Fubo, added the lineup to Channels and clicked the Experimental checkbox to enable Local Networks via TV Everywhere.

Local TVE under Fubo has worked perfectly for us since day 1. We record/watch the news on Fubo ABC daily; watch Fubo CBS more and more as the OTA reception gets worse and worse; and watch Fubo Comet because the quality of the signal is so much better than the bit-starved OTA sub-channel. I ended up keeping Fubo because in addition to the locals I got hooked on the sports availability. Aside from MNF, I got to watch all the MLB-NL playoffs -- Phillies went to the World Series.

So I can say that in the Philadelphia market, TVE Fubo and Local Network TVE Fubo has worked perfectly under Channels DVR. I've never had to reauthorize since I originally set it up.

On the local Fox TVE, I've noticed that most if not all of the local Fox programming is shown as "sign off" in the guide. Is this pretty standard to not even be able to watch the local Fox news via TVE?

Yes it is standard that the local Fox channel to only show primetime and Fifa World Cup. Most of us have antennas to get the local channels all the time along with TVE.

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They are only supposed to show prime time and some sports, but sometimes you can tune to "Sign Off" and see local programming.

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Only the few Fox owned and operated stations stream 7/24, everyone else gets the national feed.
If you Link Provider at the Fox website, the schedule it shows for your local station should match what you see in Channels DVR.

I also have an antenna but was trying to figure out a way to move away from it due to reliability issues, weather, topography, etc. I guess it seems strange that it's just FOX that does this - in contrast ABC, NBC, and CBS don't seem to hide their local programming from TVE. Well, of course there's PBS that is a lost cause, and about 50 other sub-channels missing in TVE. Bummer.

Originally when Fox was added, it was just the Fox Owned and Operated stations available.
See first post

Users asked if they could get their local Fox stations added, even though they only provide Primetime programming. The devs responded by updating Channels DVR to provide access to Fox for anyone that could authenticate at their website for a local station.

Hopefully we can get LocalBTV added at some point

You may be able to find a source for your local news, if that's all that you're interested it. I added Plex Live TV as a source and found a station that plays my local Fox news broadcast on a loop.

Instructions for adding Custom Channels can be found here: Master-list Free Working M3U (Custom Channels) - Playground / Custom Channels - Channels Community (getchannels.com)


Hi there.

Noob question.

I know this is experimental and the first post gave information of supported stations or "check the live stream to test" recommendations.

Before paying for a steaming service to see if experimental local network works, is there anyway to know that the "major metros" that local network successful in? (It worked in San Francisco Bay area but now I'm in Las Vegas, NV ... if that helps.)

Thank you in advance.

Unless someone is in the same area and has the same service you will not know until you try it. If you can get a free trial that is probably the best route to find out.

Las Vegas has KTNV (ABC Affiliate), KVVU (CBS affiliate), and the FOXP station.
KSNVDT (NBC) Once worked but with the updates to NBC, it is no longer working