Family member folders

Is there a way it could be set up so that each family member could have their own recordings folder? This would make management of files so much easier.

That would be nice. Already requested multiple times over the years.

I can't find it now where it was said but I remember the developers didn't seem interested in implementing this.

I now have family members all over the country running off my server and it sure would be nice if we could separate our recordings. This way I dont have to worry about deleting something that someone else recorded.


But, if you are willing to do the work, you can create quasi-user profiles using Library Collections:

Sorry, but no. Channels DVR devs have made it clear they have no intentions to re-design their product to have user profiles or anything of the such.

IF you want that style of software, then you will need to use something else, like Plex or Emby etc.

Channels Collections is a kinda a "workaround" but is far more complex and confusing a thing than just separate user profiles.

The only other "workaround" is to use multiple DVR servers, which is what I am many other users do. One server per user.

Oh, that is an idea, multiple servers. That I can do. Thanks for the tip.

In order to control the costs that my kids and sister were having to bear to subscribe to cable TV and streaming services I put them all on Channels so they can use my subscription. It helps them deal with expenses and works very well. My only issue has been recordings, but I will work around it.

The only thing to note is you could have as many in-home local servers as you want on one account, but only one server can be set to be remotely accessible per account.

Unless you use the built in tailscale integration

Well I can set everyone up to attach to my private VPN server and then they would be on my LAN. I run a WireGuard server. All my mobile devices connect back to my server and my local internet at all times.

that could work too. I have not set Tailscale up since I run my own server. I would have to look into the implications of that. Last time I looked at Tailscale the issue was that there was no way to loop back out to the internet thru it. I use Wireguard to feed all my devices when out of the house back thru my network for filtering and to ensure privacy when on public networks.

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If you go that route, this could help

That should work ok, assuming your WAN connection has enough upload bandwidth to handle the traffic. Using VPN also affects geolocation which is used for local channels over TVE, if you plan to use that.
Also, you will not be able to use a HDHR for OTA antenna TV as that must be on the servers local network. HDHR's are extremely sensitive to latency and trying to stream/record from one remotely over a VPN to a remote server most often will fail or just be very unreliable.

Well I was thinking of all the servers being at my house and having them connect to them over vpn. Then I can assign each server a vlan and duplicate the remote port. I have three other Macs I can spin servers up on.

That or run each additional Channels DVR server in a container. That works for me using the integrated tailscale and allows each container to map to its own storage directories for recording and imports.

Profiles for multiple family members would solve all this... If it was me I would just install Jellyfin/opensource with M3U /XMLTV from Channels DVR.... I do this with EMBY.