Multiple Profiles

Will we eventually have the ability to create multiple profiles.

Been requested multiple times...

TLDR....may be "planned" thing...but no time table for such a feature.

Truth is all they would need to do is create a users database table with recording entries that has link to a recordings table entry that maintains a count of users for that recording. And when that count goes to zero (because all users selected delete) is when the actual recording gets physically deleted.
Also, I would keep a New/Unwatched flag in the users table and not the recordings table so new episodes would still appear as new to the users who haven't watched yet.

So every user would have to interact with a recording before it gets marked as watched or deleted? I don’t think that would work well.

I think you’re grossly oversimplifying how tough it would be to properly implement multiple users. It would be nice and it’s been often requested, but let’s not pretend that it would be “easy” for them to do. Anybody familiar with programming knows that often things are way more complicated than they seem. Without the source code and a deep understanding of the underling architecture, we can’t really say how “hard” anything would be to implement.

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It would work perfectly. A user only wants to know what is new to them. This way a recording a user hasn't watched won't disappear because another user watched and deleted it. I Never suggested that this is the full programming for it just that this is a core piece of the logic. Of course there is more to it than just a couple of flags but it isn't complicated for even a fairly competent developer. FYI I am a programmer.

Works great in EMBY and Plex. ChannelsDVR is not really a family DVR but a personal DVR meant to be used by 1 person. UPNEXT does not work if you have more than 1 user.