Favorites / Hidden not syncing

FireTV is version 3.5.0.

I just edited some favorites and hidden channels on my 2 tuners, and since the guide did not update on the first FireTV I checked, I went into the settings on that client to sources, and tried to 'Sync Favorites/Hidden' for each tuner. When I did this, all the channels for the tuner I synced disappeared. I am importing from the source, and the Favorites / Hidden channels at the server level are still intact, so something is not getting to the client.

If I force stop the app and clear the cache and go back into it, the channels for both tuners are back, but there are still no favorites or hidden channels. But then synchronizing again repeats the same thing.

I am hesitant about trying the 'Refresh Source' because I am pretty sure that triggers a channel rescan on the tuner, which I don't want to do (the reason I am hiding more channels is because we have been picking up channels from the edge of another market which we don't want).

I had the same problem this morning on a Firestick client (primarily for hidden stations on the HDHR OTA at the server side). I attempted to sync the client with the server/source, and it simply would not do it, the client continued to show all the server side hidden HDHR stations in the guide. I ended up configuring the hidden stations manually, one at a time.

I tried forcing Channels to stop, clearing data, clearing cache, resyncing, just wouldn't seem to take.

Did a little more testing on this, and it appears that the Firestick 4k syncs correctly from the source, but the Firestick non-4k version does not.

Are they both running the same version of Channels? I thought support for non-4K Fire Sticks was dropped a bit ago.

Dunno. Where would one find the list of supported client devices?

To check the version of the installed app, go to Settings > Support > About Channels. As for whether a particular model is supported, I don't know if there is a published list; I imagine if the device is no longer supported, it would have stopped receiving updates for the app.

Because I don't have the device here with me, and there doesn't appear to be a list of supported devices, maybe one of the developers could stop in and decide if they are still supporting the device.

Would be nice to know what this footnote :arrow_down: applies to here https://getchannels.com/fire-tv/
*Older Fire TV Sticks are not recommended. Their low performance create a less than ideal experience for watching live TV. Fire HD Tablets are also supported.

Device support (looks like suggestions to me) https://getchannels.com/docs/getting-started/quick-start-guide/device-support/#fire-tv

Looks like v5.1 is oldest supported
From https://www.amazon.com/Fancy-Bits-LLC-Channels-Live/dp/B079FG4C7H
Minimum Operating System: Android 5.1

Devices and Fire OS versions

Not a big deal. I could dump the old one and buy (5) FireTV 4k devices for what a single Apple TV 4k costs.

The old Firestick can't even connect to the 5ghz network, so it's definitely only good for 1080p.

The sync feature doesn't work when not at home. It doesn't matter what device you're using.

There is a fix in the next release.

Oh. Thanks.

I seem to recall one of the remote firestick's sync working, but I must be mistaken.

While we're on this topic, can you please elaborate on how the server/client relationship handles the HDhomerun OTA tuner that starts picking up new channels every now and then, randomly adding a channel (with a very weak signal) to the lineup?

When this happens, is it just the server side that sees these new channels, or will each client also see them, meaning that the user(s) will have to manually visit each client to disable a non-working channel?

I would also like to know.
One would assume the clients see the HDHR on the local network and would periodically refresh the lineup every few hours.

When I used my iPad as a client and connected to my TVE only server, it would still see my HDHR Prime on the same network and could access any non-disabled channel on it.

My clients are only remote, all fire sticks (mix of 4K and non-4K), a fire tablet, and iOS on phones and an iPad.

The favorites have always synced at the initial setup of the app when connecting to the remote server. It was the manual option that was failing when I was experiencing the issue above, which I was able to resolve by re-enabling the filter options for the clients, selecting the favorites again, and then disabling the filters.

Some questions never get answered. Even if they're on their own topic. I've just gotten use to experimenting, punching buttons, clicking and checking/unchecking things to see what happens.

Hmm, wonder what that button does?

Haven't released any of that magic electronic smoke yet, so far so good :grinning: