Feature Request - Guide overlay live tv


I played around with the directv now app and if you press up during live tv you get a guide overlay.
Can you please add something like this to channels?
Including screenshot


So if I understand this request right, it asks for the ability to not interrupt live or recorded playback when you want to go to look at the guide or other Channels App menu items (eg Recordings, etc), correct ? Overlaying the guide or other Channel menus would be great and completely consistent with Directv, DirectV Now, and most every other cable or satellite box, no ?

I really miss the ability to have this - anyone else feel the same way ?

Is there a fundamental issue with either HDHomerun or Apple TV that prevents this ? Seems like you would have incorporated it by now if it was possible.



I agree to some extent. However, if you’ve specified favorites, you can swipe down on your remote during live tv and access a version of the guide for what’s on now (favorites only), while your show continues to play.

I would amend this feature request to offer the guide panel in the swipe-down rather than just favorites.


There’s a similar thread related to this that was opened a while back. It is probably #1 on my wish list of features at this point. You might want to click on the “vote button” at the top of this thread as a way to indicate to the developers this is one of the communities top requested new features:


It’s has always been one of the most requested features since 16. You really think they don’t know this, and are ignoring because they didn’t know anyone wants it? Lol