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UPDATE: Poll options are now final, please re-submit your votes. Further changes will not be made since doing so resets the voting statistics.

  • User Accounts (with parental controls)
  • Multi-DVR Switching
  • Port Customization (remote connections)
  • UI Color Options
  • Clock
  • Guide reduced to 5 rows
  • Play Current Channel in Guide
  • Dual Buffers
  • PIP (picture in picture)
  • Skip back to "now" on guide
  • Chromecast integration
  • Guide overlay on Live Tv (semi-transparent)
  • Sleep Timer
  • Continuous playback (next episode)
  • UI Image for "more" (Recordings)

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Personally I like the options to have less channels on a page and larger bars.

For tvOS or AndroidTV? I assume you mean the guide and not "on now", the guide is currently 7 rows, on tvOS. Would you like me to add an option for 5 rows in the voting?

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Yes, for both. Just want larger rows.

When I edit the poll it is resetting the votes :angry:

I personally like more. Also like to have smaller preview icons. I like scrolling less not more.

You might want add picture in picture


87 votes on this one since β€˜16

QuadView Channel please. Even if it's only for TVE streams. Or 1 regular and 3 TVE.

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Personally, I don't understand why so many people whine about the ability to change the UI colors. There are so many other REAL features that the Channels team is working on. Why should they waste their valuable time with this?

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Why bring a requests thread to the top level when there already exists a Feature Requests sub forum for this very purpose? Perhaps better to encourage people to vote for existing requests as opposed to creating a(nother) new thread? I am certain the developers do not ignore the Feature Requests forum.

I addressed this in the OP. The current individual request threads are hard to keep track of, even if people vote on individual threads there is no way to sort threads by # of votes. The sub forums also exist in each separate category. The aim of this thread is to easily visualize the most popular request in a single post.

Unfortunately, editing/adding items to the voting resets the current votes, which is not something I anticipated when creating the thread. If anyone knows how to add an item to the voting poll without resetting the data that would help.

I would think that the developers would see what people want the most and work on those first.

Not to belabor the point, but this thread is within Channels DVR. The Feature Requests forum is within Channels DVR. Both are specific to Channels DVR product.

Also, the Feature Requests forum can be sorted by vote count. That is what it is designed for. Isn't that a big part of your goal, which I respect?

Just a quick look at feature requests voting before:

87 - Play Current Channel while in Guide

39 - Clock, in 5 different posted topics

IMO, this is a great idea

Ok, I missed the sorting by votes, I was only looking at the right columns with sort by replies/views/activity. Still I think the idea of having an a visual chart with all request is beneficial, but if the devs disagree or is doesn't work as intended they are welcome to delete it.

@Jmcguire525 I think it is time for you to add your vote ??? :smiley:

Well the votes will reset again when I add new items, so I was just going to wait until tomorrow.

No new to add anyway and you can check the process for changing your vote :innocent:

Maybe the thing to do is to make this a list log links to each poll individually, then you can add polls without a reset?