Feature request - Posters and guide for channels missing from Gracenote

Hi. At first i must say that Channels is by far the best DVR i have used. Great UI, later on, virtual channels just to mention few things that competitors lack. Also this community and the customer oriented approach you have, makes me a happy user. Thank you for that!

However as a foreign user i feel a bit left outside because i haven't managed to get my setup 100% working. And here is why.

:negative_squared_cross_mark: Gracenote guide covers only about 2/3 of the channels we have in Finland and without guide any of the Channels great features have no use to us. I know that this is not in your hand but it's important that you know this for next request.

:negative_squared_cross_mark: Add option to use xmltv along with the Gracenote data without the need of duct tape fixes like maintaining multiple playlists for different epg sources.

:negative_squared_cross_mark: I grab missing epg bits from my HDHomeRun DVB-C tuner. The output xml contains multiple languages (example below) and Channels DVR randomly chooses one of them. So my epg is mixed with Finnish, Swedish and English data. It would be great if Channels could prefer one language based on a setting or location.

Edit: Ok there is no way to add code so below image

:negative_squared_cross_mark: Because of missing poster art in xmltv it would be great to have option to add your own posters for programs. Example: I could add my custom poster from library and guide/later on would also use this image or prefer over Gracenotes poster. If poster doesnt exist use one from recording. ANother approach could be to add own poster from Pass edit screen.

Thank you for considering these additions.

Custom posters would be a cool feature. I want custom posters too. Sometimes because it is missing. Sometimes (more often) I just dont like the picture that they chose.

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Editing metadata yourself is very much in the plans. We'll get to it.


100% agree. Sometimes gracenote is 2-3 seasons behind in cover art or has that generic template garbage.


Not sure this will help or not, but in the past when I have had missing EPG data, using xmltv via Schedules Direct & EPG Collector works pretty well.

A while ago I had EPG collector setup with Schedules direct to pull in EPG data via Schedules Direct, RSS, Open TV, EIT...etc & the ability to download artwork then generate an xmltv file I could use. There is also an option (after speaking with the EPG Collector developer) to translate EPG data into any language you want. So in my case, scanning & pulling in EPG data from Astra 28.2, Astra 19.2 & Hotbird 13e... I could then translate all of my EPG data into english.

Recently I also found the option within the Channels DVR server there is the ability to "search current lineup" and also "search all lineups" for EPG data which has helped me map EPG data to the remaining channels I have setup as favourites which does not have any EPG data listed within the "current lineup" option (so in my case UK Freesat / SKY UK). This has allowed me to have a full list of EPG data mapped to all my channels, merged together from different sources.

See Beta: Metadata Editing