Fire TV and Monthly Fee for Channels?


I’ve started deploying Channels across my house to all Apple TV connected tvs and it works perfect. I’ve got the whole family on board for the transition, and they like the look and feel better than the Plex solution for live tv.

There are a few errant tvs left in the house that had Roku boxes attached to them using plex to access live tv, but I was debating buying the Fire TV for them and using Channels, in hopes to not renewing my plex pass.

But as I was reading the reviews for Channels on Fire TV, a user pointed out that there is an 8 dollar monthly charge (which I assume is for DVR) on top of the 25 bucks for the app. Before jumping into a Fire TV scenario, I wanted to confirm that the app is 25 bucks to watch live tv, and if you want dvr sevice, it’s an additional 8 bucks a month.


You are correct. DVR subscription is $8 a month.


Note that there are no DVR features currently available on FireTV. This will change later in the year.


Very good. So in summation unlike the beta app for Roku, I don’t need the DVR service running to watch live tv on Fire TV.


Correct, the new FireTV app is a standalone hdhomerun client which talks directly to your tuners. It does not need (and cannot yet talk to) Channels DVR.


Correct. That review was wrong. The Channels app is a one time purchase of $25.


If I have 5 Fire TV's is it $25 each?


I found the answer to my question. Thanks.


Just to be clear, as an active Channels subscriber, you get all of the apps for free.


Correct however I was asking for a friend who is currently not a subscriber and looking for a fix for the FireTV 4K stick problem with HDHomeRun and I suggested using the Channels app instead which has the work around in it and wanted to give the exact costs to do so. I personally love the Channels app. It works really well. Thanks again!


I just signed up for the DVR service after using clunky HDHomeRun app for 2 years. What an improvement!
I'm all set with ios and the DVR server on my Windows but when I go to FireStick it says to choose between paying $24.99 or coins? How do I download the Channels app on my TV without paying since I am a monthly subscriber?


Search the app store for the "Channels DVR" app which is free for subscribers.


Brilliant! It's the little things in life that confuse a person. Thanks so much. Loving Channels.