Fire TV Beta - PIP

I LOVE the pip feature on the Fire TV beta. It's nice to keep video going while I scan for another channel/recording. A couple of things I seem to get stuck in though.

  • If the system asks a question, it's in the pip not the main screen. Can't seem to make a choice. Could that be switched to the main screen?
  • So then I exit out of the Channels to the Fire TV main screen and the pip is still going.

Is there currently a button or API that would kill the pip? I haven't found it yet.

Keep up the good work. Enjoying it.

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You could remap one of the buttons to do that.

Sure, but what command would I map the button too?

Make one of them the PiP button, to toggle in and out of it with a single / double / long press, whatever you want. I forgot what worthless buttons exist on a firestick remote, think it's a netflix button.

And yes, upon further thought, I have seen a prompt come up in the pip window. Toggling the pip to full screen with the netflix button allows to still pick something.