Fire TV pendant stutters . Pause and play fixes it


The 4K stick should work a lot better.

The pause/stutter issue seems to be caused by a combination of the h/w decoder and how certain cable companies encode their streams. Can you tell me which cable company you're using and what channels it happens on? Do you see it on your local NBC/FOX too or just cable channels?


I use the 4K sticks using software decoding and have some pausing on live tv. The channels include the ID channel, Smithsonian, and OAN. I do do wireless with ethernet back haul. Seems to have started with the last update 2.1.1


Just got update for $4K Stick (NS6258/1604) Received 1 update on 1 of my 4K sticks on Wednesday and 2 others received it today. Seems to work well in Hardware mode thus far. Don't see the pausing like before using hardware of software. Will also try software mode. Will keep testing and report back.


Hardware decoding still freezes the 4K stick.


When you say "freezes" , do you mean a skip, or total lock up? I had the same issue, but not on the 4k stick with smithsonian, specifically. I will still occupationally see a brief skip on some interlaced broadcasts, but nothing that has been enough for me to say anything on the forum for a while. I didn't change any settings...just upgraded from my pendant to the 4kstick and have been totally satisfied. My original post indicated the problem was more persistent on interlaced broadcasts. I will mess with mine and try to break it and post again.


freezes on hardware decoding and hesitates on software decoding.