Fire TV pendant stutters . Pause and play fixes it


When I tune into a channel that is likely 1080i, it stutters... a 5 second pause fixes the problem. Is there something I am missing? I am running the DVR on a WD PR2100.


This I believe is symptomatic of network bandwidth? The 5-second pause lets the stick buffer some up in reserve, so further network crunches aren't seen.

Is the Fire stick on a 5GHz WiFi network? Good, strong network connection? (I assume the HDHR tuner and the NAS are a wired network connections.)

Btw: Unless you're tuner sharing, the NAS is not in the mix watching Live TV.


Thank you. I guess it could be a network issue, but it only happens on 1080i broadcast channels. Everything else is fine. The connection to the FTV pendant is wired network. It was happening before I installed the I suspect that has nothing to do with it.


1080i native uses the most bandwidth. This tends to reinforce my hypothesis.

Does it happen with 1080i recorded content, too? Or have you not yet tried that?


I have not tried it yet. Just installed this weekend. I will give that a shot and post my results.


Ok. I have recorded a show. Looked at it. Exact same symptom. Stutters on playback. A quick pause (3-4 seconds) and the stuttering stops....on a recorded show as well as live.

Symptom NOT visable on windows or on iphone app. Also, have another unrelated issue. If I click on settings, the app crashes. DVR settings, Player settings ....any of it. So things get more interesting.


Okay I see the crash. It's happening if you try to go to the DVR settings tab, because the DVR server is reporting 0 disk space available for some reason. I will fix this crash for the next version.

If recorded TV is stuttering the same way that's definitely weird.. it should be able to download it more quickly. If you were able to go to the DVR settings tab I would tell you to run a speed test but that won't work =|

Instead if you look up the IP of your FireTV you can open http://x.x.x.x:57000/speedtest from your DVR computer and see what the speeds are like between the FTV and DVR.


My DVR computer is a WD My/cloud PR2100. I don't have an easy way to ping stuff from it. The problem existed prior to the installation of the DVR anyway.


Fixed the crash problem with your help. Moved it to a different volume on drive and now it doesn't crash. Then tested speed between DVR and FTV. 96m download 2.6ms of Latency. 1.3ms jitter.


More information. My problem is now isolated to the Channels app on the FTV pendant running the channels app. The Channels DVR app running on other FTV devices does not exhibit this problem. But it persists on the FTV pendent after fixing DVR drive issue. Many stations and programs have stuttering issues when started...a 2-3 second pause fixes it, but it returns later. One note....I am supplying wired network over a 100m connection.. not gigabit. I am using an HDbaseT extender to carry the newtwork info to the FTV. I suspect this is not an issue as none of the other streaming content apps exhibit this ...nor does the HDHR native app...or plex....just channels.


More intel. Moved FTV pendent to give it gigabyte wired connection. Problem persists. Tried Channels DVR app on FTV pendent. Problem persists. Any help would be appreciated. When I tune into some channels, still get stuttering video... and I cannot determine what channels and when it will happen.


Can you play a recording and then submit diagnostics after it stutters?


Ok. Done


Thanks. Can you turn off Surround Sound on the player settings tab to see if it makes any difference?

Also what model are the other FTV devices you're using that don't have this issue?


I had already tried the Surround settings. Other appliance is fire tv edition by element


By stuttering, do you mean the timeline shows up with a pause icon and then a second later it goes away and playback resumes?

I believe this is a issue with the pendant model. I will look into it, but you might consider upgrading to the new 4K stick which is way superior in every aspect and on sale for only $35 (


Ok. I have a 4k stick in another room. I will test with it. It does seem like an issue with the display itself. The image freezes and audio and timeline keep moving. Occasionally it all locks up. I suspected it could be the pendant....


FTv stick 4K fixed everything. Thank you. I suggest some notes somewhere posted would be good. On a side note, this forced me to clean up my network traffic!


That's precisely what our FTV Gen. 2 does.


Are there known issues with the playback pauses on older devices? I have a totally wired setup and still get these pauses. I am mainly using the FTV2 boxes, but have some 4K sticks and have not tried them yet.

I really like this product and want to make it work, but I cannot with these pauses. Its not worth it.