Firestick 4k setup


I installed a new firestick 4k and everything worked fine. I currently use an OTA for local channels. The first time I changed inputs to access the local channels and then changed inputs again to access the firestick, the sound controls on the firestick were inoperable. I tried to access the tv by name again but the problem still exists. Do I have to reset the stick to factory settings and start all over or is there a way to teach it to apply audio control functions properly?


You'd be better off reaching out to Amazon support about this. Why are you switching inputs to watch OTA? Channels lets you watch OTA on your fire stick using the hdhomerun.


Unfortunately. Amazon support was where I started. They did not have a solution other than a factory reset. I agree that Channels and hdhomerun is the best way forward. I was helping a friend that had purchased the stick on my recommendation but wanted to use an existing OTA antenna to save money. I will make him a convert.