Firestick app keeps freezing and won’t play or restarts

I just submitted a diabgnostic from my firestick after it froze. It’s been happening for a week or more. My server in windows 10 21h1 2021.05.28.0053 Thanks in advance!

I submitted diag logs from server also 68f3fded-2031-4aee-9062-7f25177b10b7

Have you unplugged the FireStick from the power source and rebooted it?

Same issue for me. Were you able to resolve it? I have 3 fire sticks. So far 2 of them are having the issue. It gets very laggy then freezes and usually crashes and restarts the firestick itself or I have to manually restart the fire stick to get it to run again. Will run again for a bit then start to lag again eventually.

I haven’t but I’ll give it a shot. I’ve restarted it though and it wasn’t a help. I am also powering it with a USB port off my receiver. If power delivery could make a difference.

Did you figure this out? It started happening to me a couple of weeks ago.

It still happens. I just switched to a normal ac adapter a few days again, but it is still doing it.