Firestick Pendant Not Connecting

So, I’ve been using the Pendant Fire TV on my Patio TV. Haven’t had a lot of issues till today. It is totally Wi-Fi. I’ve been unable to connect to DVR unless I use Out of Home. Works fine on OOH, but I shouldn’t need it use it that way.

I’ve uninstalled, restarted, tried the Beta without success. I pulled my traveling stick and put it on this tv and got no issues.

Anything else to try??

Does that client allow you to do a speed test to the server? If so it would be interesting to see the results.

From the 4K stick (in home)
D - 87.63 Mbit/s
Latency: 14.04ms
Jitter: 73.20 ms

2.4 GHz
D - 31.39
Lat 8.51
Jit. 15.32

From the one that won’t connect but know does:
2.4 GHz
D - 33.12 MBit/s
Latency: 13.42
Jitter: 51.37

D - 81.43
L - 19.21
Jit - 67.31