FireTV 4K Stick in UK

Hey @tmm1 I've just submitted diagnostics from my new 4k stick here in the UK, I've used both wired adapter and WiFi and set to software decode. I'm seeing what looks like really low frame rate on live TV during fast motion. Guessing this issue is common knowledge?

In the UK hardware decode might be better. Not aware of any frame rate issues- check to see if your ftv is set to 50hz mode?

Just set it manually to 50Hz as it was set to auto but still seeing it. Every now and again during fast motion it looks like it's about 5fps and struggling to decode. I'll see if I can capture it from my phone camera and send a sample recording

Just picked up the new 4K stick. It looks to me that you need to keep the Fire TV resolution set to ‘auto’ in order for automatic frame rate matching to function. Unfortunately ‘auto’ defaults to 60 Hz, which isn’t good for UK users.

Is there any chance of adding automatic frame rate switching to Channels? Preferably when you first launch the app so it’s not switching frame rates every time you switch channels or start a recording.

We recently added frame rate switching to the SHIELD and it works quite well there. I will enable it for the FireTV 4K Stick as well.

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The log you submitted shows lots of framedropping. I recommend you go to Player tab and change Decoder to Hardware.

Is anyone else in the UK seeing issues with H264 channels when using hardware decode? I am quite often getting full video freeze with audio still playing, blank screens and/or full app crashes. Switching to software decode seems to resolve it. MPEG2 channels don't seem to be affected, though admittedly I don't watch them very often.

I initially thought network speed may be the issue (I'm still on wifi while waiting for my wired ethernet adapter to arrive), but maybe not since I don't see the issues when using software decode.

Wired adapter has arrived so I’ve done more testing. Definitely an issue using the hardware decoder on both H264 and MPEG2 channels. Video plays for a few seconds then freezes but sound continues (albeit choppy). It’s consistent on H264 channels and intermittent on MPEG2 channels. I’ve submitted diagnostics, but I can’t get back into the app without force-quitting, so I’m not sure if it’s capturing what’s happening. Let me know if you need anything else.

Happens after only a few seconds?

On both recordings and live?

Same for me when I used the FTV4K but I haven't used it in the last week as changed back to the Shield.

On live TV it freezes after about 10 seconds on H264 channels. MPEG2 channels are a bit more reliable, but skipping or pausing sometimes causes them to freeze as well.

I just tried to play some recordings. H264 and MPEG2 recordings play a bit more reliably, but I sometimes see freezes if I try skipping forward or back.

I just submitted diagnostics again. This time I was able to back out of the video player without crashing, so hopefully it’s captured useful information for you.

Any progress with this?

I have the same issue with hardware decoding on 4k stick with HD channels in the UK.

Software decoder works fine until there's fast motion, then it's really choppy and unwatchable, so ideally would like to get the hardware transcoder working asap.

Hardware decoding seems to work fine now for the most part, I have very stable HD channels with out the judder using hardware.

The only catch is I have one or two SD channels either not load or do this..