FireTV showing blocked channels

I have 4 Android TV clients and 1 FireTV Cube client. All of the settings in channels seem to be the same. But on the FireTV Cube it still displays blocked channels in the guide, all of the my android tv clients do not.

The channels are part of the HDHR prime tuners and the channels blocked were done using the HDHR app but the channels do show as blocked in the Channels Server GUI.

Any ideas?

Channel states are independent on the clients. If you want them to mirror their status on the tuner, try Settings > Manage Sources > Prime > Import from Source (I think that's how the setting is named; I'm typing from memory here).


I tried that and it didn't work.

Any other ideas?

See this post

chDVR user, I have 4 android tv clients and they all properly block channels hidden in the HDHR app. It also shows in the server gui as blocked. But the lone firetv client shows the channels even though they are blocked.

If "Import from Source" didn't work on that Fire TV client, I suggest you uninstall and reinstall the client app.

I have the same issue on all my FireTV 4k's.


I have tried that, as well as clearing the app data and cache. And with koltsai also having the same issue on all of his firetv clients it seems to be a real bug. Hopefully the Channels Developers can chime in.

Strange, the exact same app code runs on Android and FireOS. Not sure why there would be a difference in behavior.

That is weird I found channels in my guide that are not even enabled on the tuners with no guide data also on my FireTV. importing from source fixed it. I think it might have to do when Silicondust does a background scan for channels.

I vaguely recall some mention long ago of Channels client devices and/or Channels DVR server checking the HDHR tuners for a lineup periodically. Do they?

That is why I think that it might have caught the tuners when they were doing a background scan which Silicondust does every so often.

I have had this issue for a long time. I haven't reported it until now. I have tried un installing and re installing the app and clearing the data cache. I have matched the settings with my android tv clients 2 Nvidia Shields, 1 Jetbox, 1 Mibox and 1 google tv ultra. They all work, not showing the blocked channels most of which are either sd duplicates or DRM channels. The FireTV shows them all.

Please submit diagnostics from the FireTV app

For some reason around here, issues aren't issues unless you prove it, so get to mashing the submit diagnostics, take pictures, post about, etc. It periodically happens on our AndroidTVs (Shield Pro, Chromecast), however, import favorites fixes it. My theory / hunch is that during the HDHR's background channel scan we can't disable, it exposes the blocked channels for a short period of time, and channels picks them back up.

I have the issue on TVE channels I've blocked as well.

Then that would change the direction we all seem to be going with an explanation. I'm stumped. Just wanted to jump in the thread and be a dick, haven't done it in a while.

Diagnostics submitted.