Flickering picture

I found this very old thread, that mentions flicking has to do with deinterlacing filter used... not sure if still related or not. Flickering image

I notice that at times, backgrounds or certain things flicker when watching in Channels DVR.
I recently got a new TV, a Samsung QN90C 43in 4K Mini-LED. Using Apple TV 4K 2022.

Watching recordings of Dr. Pol from NatGeo Wild.
In Channels, once scene has lots of flickering from the mini-led backlighting, in the background.
When i play the same recording file in Infuse Pro app, no flickering.
I also tried setting the Video Driver in Channels DVR app to Legacy, and no flickering, and picture looks softer.

I can't seem to capture the flickering on video, and it does not do it all the time, seems to be more often with noisy/busy background images... not sure. Sometimes is it very subtle, other times very noticeable.

Here is a still picture with the area of the frame that does the flickering in Channels. It is the very top of the frame, that area.

Here is a picture of the Stats:

Edit: Flickering is really noticeable with the series The Incredible Pol Farm. The farmland in the background in many scenes is very noticeable.