Fox TVE 6002 not working

Haven't been to watch / record any fox shows for awhile. I'm getting "Could not fetch playlist" errors. I've added / re-added / re-scanned- everything that used to fix these issues. Tried switching source from Fubo or Hulu - with no difference. Suggestions?

Logs have been submitted as cbdc4a03-d54e-4c91-a446-91b3c88f18ba.

If you can't authenticate and stream your local station at the Fox website, Channels DVR can't either.
Step 1 of troubleshooting TVE Troubleshooting tips

Pretty sure it's a Fox problem, except for those cases where the provider doesn't have a carriage deal for the local station, like Nexstar and Directv, Directv Stream and U-Verse How Long Will The DIRECTV & Nexstar Blackout Last? Everything We Know | Cord Cutters News

The developers will correct me if I'm wrong.


I’m having issues with it now too. Recorded SmackDown last night and only got the watch on fox screen for 2 hours.
I have an antenna so I’m good just wondering what Fox is doing.
I’m in San Diego and it worked fine last week.

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Channel 6002 for FOX (here in NYC) is not showing up in my Channels guide. Using YouTube TV credentials to authenticate. Tried to rescan and 6002 not showing up at all. I know FOX shutdown their FOXNOW app a few days ... is this related?

Can you authenticate and stream your local station at

Nothing to do with any app. Too many users confuse Channels DVR TVE with Networks or Providers apps, but that's not how it works.

See About TV Everywhere

I tried, and it doesn't seem to work. The Yankees @ Orioles game is on FOX right now (is this a national game or is this just on in the NYC area?). Something has definitely changed regarding FOX and YouTube TV.

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A few topics here about the issue. Definitely Fox.
If you can't stream it on their website, it won't work in Channels DVR.

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Just adding my voice to this. Over the past few days, I’ve seen both the error message and the promo message pointing to, etc. I already had the local Fox affiliate set up via ADBTuner as a duplicate of the TVE source, as the TVE version was often off the air except for national network broadcasts, So I will probably go with Fox only on ADBTuner for now, since except for a lack of subtitles, it works as well as TVE

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@rpaulmerrell None of what you just posted belongs in this topic.
There is already a topic about the ADBTuner.

The Topic Title here is "Fox TVE 6002 not working"

You can create a reply in another topic (like the ADBTuner one) to a post in this topic.

I'm able to watch my Local Fox at the Fox Sports website

I link my Provider Xfinity and started watching

URL while watching

For you. WNYW TVE has worked perfectly fine for 4 + years for me on optimum and Verizon.

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The strange part of all this j
My ABC and my CBS TVE are the correct channels.
just tried fox today and it was a no go.

At the Fox Live website it does identify the correct local station call sign for me (as seen in the schedule).
The problem is that there is no way for me to click and start it playing. I see it register the mouse click, but nothing happens, on any channel I click in their schedule. Tried with latest Firefox, Brave and Edge browsers.

I had no problem at the Fox Sports website, as seen in my post above.

My guess would be because WNYW is one of the 18 Fox Owned and Operated stations, unlike most stations which are Affiliates.

Exactly the same thing here. Only 11 channels show on the guide - and you can't click on any of them...

Contact Fox support and complain about their website not working.

Until they hear there's a problem, they're not going to fix it.

Enter FIFA or something in the Search box and try clicking on the videos that match.

Even searching Fox Weather and clicking the Live Video just returns you to the schedule.

Fox was working fine for me until today but now I'm getting a video playing saying this stream is having technical difficulties, so it is connecting but the stream itself is not working.

Of course this has to happen on both the days when the USA world cup game is going to play.

Is anyone able to stream from a search hit at their website?

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No. After I click on Play, it reloads the schedule.

Guess I was the only one to report it to Fox Support

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