Fox TVE 6002 not working

There aren't even any buttons or anything to click on in the schedule grid to play a live program.

I will write to them too.

You can chat using the link I posted above.

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Thanks. I spent 37 minutes chatting with Jose A with no solution in sight.

After providing a couple of screenshots as requested, and explaining on two occasions that other people in other states were also having the same issue, the next troubleshooting step would have been for me to restart my router. I couldn't do it right at that time because my DVR was recording and my family was streaming a show in the living room while using my perfectly working internet.

Oh, and one thing that Jose said during the chat was pretty funny:

Just to let you know, on the schedule section you will not have a play button, in this case you will need to search for the specific show that you want to watch and then you will have the play button

I don't know, I would expect to have a Play button on the shows that are currently airing live.
Anyway, after trying the search, I did have a Play button as I had already seen previously but it just reloaded the schedule grid after I clicked on it. I mentioned that to Jose but that didn't seem to help. :laughing:

So I won't hold my breath for a prompt resolution. :laughing:

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Sounds exactly how my chat went, except it wasn't Jose and I wasn't asked to restart my router.
I'm sure after both of us reported it, they'll "get right on it" and it will be working tomorrow. :laughing:
Looking for that face turning blue while holding breath emoji...

I got the stream is having issues message until about 12 minutes into the world cup and then it 'amazingly' started working. I'm guessing a lot of other people complained.

And of course I only got 720p not 4K but whatever.

For those of you that can still watch Fox TVE 6002, is your local station one of the 18 that are Fox Owned and Operated? Owned-and-operated stations

Mine is not, they're a Nexstar Affiliate.
I tried watching Live again tonight at 8:05PM and 8:14PM Pacific when Master Chef is supposed to be airing.
Fox website still isn't working and Channels DVR still shows the same looping announcement to stream on FOX NOW, FOX SPORTS, and

Added a scheduled recording for FIFA this morning at 3AM and it failed with Could not fetch playlist 404 Not Found.

Yes, mine is O&O WNYW and working fine in Channels (TVE).

So it appears if your local Fox station is one of these Fox O&O, it should work in Channels DVR

FOX 5  WAGA Atlanta
FOX 7  KTBC Austin
FOX 32 WFLD Chicago
FOX 4  KDFW Dallas
FOX 2  WJBK Detroit
FOX 26 KRIV Houston
FOX 11 KTTV Los Angeles
FOX 6  WITI Milwaukee
FOX 9  KMSP Minneapolis
FOX 5  WNYW New York
FOX 35 WOFL Orlando
FOX 29 WTXF Philadelphia
FOX 10 KSAZ Phoenix
FOX 2  KTVU San Francisco
FOX 13 KCPQ Seattle
FOX 13 WTVT Tampa
FOX 5  WTTG Washington DC

It should work, but mine is broken again with the same 'stream is having issues' message as before. WOFL in Orlando.

And you can't play it on their website - Fox is unreliable for TVE now.

EDIT: it will play live at, you can get to all of the individual o&o live websites from but I'm sure channels doesn't use those.

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And I can play sporting events live (like the upcoming MLB game in 25 minutes on FOX) on But none of that helps Channels DVR.

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KTVU is on that list and hasn’t worked for me for at least a few weeks.

Sucks for all of us but would super suck for someone that recorded a bunch of stuff in KTVU and didn’t notice right away since the recordings appear successful.

There's a discussion about those in the thread below. My affiliate isn't on the list.

I'm getting the same issues happening with KDFX.
I'm on Hulu live and on regular Hulu, i get kttv like normal
When i use TVE it gets some station out of Palm Springs.
TVE is working good here but i'm prepared to ensure i have tuners that can log into my service of choice and provide the feed.
at least KABC and KCBS is working great.

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So are you saying your local station is KTTV-Fox 11 out of L.A. but Channels DVR gives you KDFX-Fox 11 out of Palm Springs?

If so, does KDFX work in Channels DVR on ch6002?

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Actually, KDFX is 33. I have a Channels instance in Cathedral City (just east of PS), but I can't administer that site until this weekend.

After this weekend I will check and see what a major DMA TVE account will get in a secondary DMA.

My bad. Was looking at the wrong line here

FYI. After receiving the "Stream FOX Primetime and Sporting Events" message for a while now, WSVN (Miami) is showing the horse race special right now on Fox TVE 6002.

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Wow! Getting it here too via my affiliate station KTXL.
How long will this last?

Par for the course. It doesn't appear on their schedule at

But does appear at FOX Sports Live - Watch Live Sports, Shows, and Events Online | FOX Sports

and I can stream it there Watch KTXL Live | Stream Games & Shows on KTXL | FOX Sports

Will have to see if I get the Cardinals vs. Phillies game later

Game is on. Hopefully this continues into football season.

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Seeing the game here on ch6002 also.
Too early to say it's made a comeback, but fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: