Fox TVE auth problems

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All good now. Thx :slight_smile:

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So, weird thing. When I updated to pre-release "2023.02.13.0044" yesterday, I got fox back and everything worked. Today I realized I was missing nbc from all my recent refreshes. I tried toggling local channels off on and it failed. I updated to the latest pre-release "2023.02.14.0057", toggled local channels again, no luck. Then I realized I probably need to do the auth dance. Did that, toggled local channels... again, and got nbc back. But now, what ever I do, i can't get fox to work again with the latest pre-release and I can't seem to figure out how to roll back to the older prerelease or the stable version. anyone else having issues with "2023.02.14.0057" not being able to load fox with yttv?

Apparently doing the "reset password to same password" and reauth'ing all channels, then unchecking and rechecking local channels fixed fox. Sorry to be so chatty about this, but it feels a little fragile at the moment, and I never know if its a bug or just one more thing I need to try.

Anyone having issues with this again? Mine started acting back up with what appears to be only Fox TVE. I have both YTTV & Xfinity login credentials, and it’s an issue for both.

I'm having the same issue. FOX has been gone for weeks. I've tried unchecking and re-checking and nothing

Try this after updating to the latest DVR prerelease version
(If you have more than one TVE Provider in Channels, repeat steps 1-4 for each Provider before doing step 5)

  1. Using a browser on your DVR server or device on your LAN in Private/Incognito mode go to
  2. Sign in with your Provider and see if it shows and streams your local FOX station
  3. Unlink (sign out) from your Provider at the site and close the browser
  4. Do the update password trick to your TVE source by using Update Password under the gear dropdown next to your TVE source in the DVR web UI and just key in your existing Provider password to clear the chromedata folder
  5. Toggle the experimental TVE local option off and on and let it scan for locals

I'm getting authz 400 bad request error on my local Fox affiliate this morning. I can sign in with my provider and it redirects me to and streams fine from a browser.

This channel's been working fine for months, I'm running latest DVR pre-release.