FOX TVE help

Not showing up in Guide, it looks like its the same distance as the other NBC CBS ABC is away but wont even show up on either of the 2 sources I have.

Is it perhaps a VHF channel, and you only have a UHF antenna?

no antenna, using TVE with someone else's login (dish and also directv stream) its been working and just randomly disappeared

DVR updates have been known remove local stations. Access your DVR web UI via a secure (HTTPS) connection, and toggle the Local Networks option in the Experimental Features section.

(Also, I'm going to update your post title, since OTA implies broadcast antenna—literally "over the air"—and you are referring to TV Everywhere authentication.)

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I toggled it a few times rescanned and still no Fox...any certain way I'm supposed to do this?

Wait till primetime hours then try again, when FOX starts national broadcast.

Excuse my ignorance but what time is that lol

Prime time is generally 8-12pm.

When you visit the site it will state in the schedule for your local station.

IIRC it doesn't matter when you try to authenticate. Not like RedZone.

Neither redzone nor FOX require scanning at specific times anymore.


Thanks, Good to know.

Fox, like other networks, geo-locates the browser you're using to decide what your local station is.
If you go to their website and wait for their geo-location to work it will present a schedule with your local station at the top. No need to link provider to see that, but you can if you want to test if streaming works.
If your local station isn't Fox O&O, but an affiliate, you will only be able to stream the national feed during prime time as shown on the schedule at the site.

I can get every time but it never comes on guide. I somehow lost it

Does anything show as channel 6002 in the channel list when you click the Rescan Channels button next to your TVE Sources?
Not sure how many TVE sources you have, but check each one.
Screenshot 2021-12-06 at 18-05-01 Channels Settings

If not, make sure you used an https secure connection when you toggle the setting for Local Networks via TV Everywhere and when you check it you should see a spinner as it scans your locals.
(where is the IP address of your DVR server and 8089 the port number)

If that still doesn't work, you should submit diagnostics from the DVR web UI and post back here.

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Ok I'll post when back by computer

One thing you haven't mentioned and is important when it comes to TVE issues.
Are you running the latest pre-release version of Channels DVR server (now at 2021.12.07.0051).
Channels Pre-Release

Same problem here in Tampa for the last month or so.

Fox authentication seems to be down again with DirecTV/AT&T credentials. (This includes your local Fox network, Fox News/Business, as well as Fox Sports networks.) The TVE login on their websites are using the old login form, so perhaps this is a glitch while they are switching over? (The error in Channels' log is [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch6074: TVE: notAuthorized: 0027:The E-token is corrupted.)

(And yes, this is with a current pre-release: 2021.12.09.0213)

Edit: I was able to resolve this by going nuclear, as individual rescans did not work:

I'm using Spectrum TVE Creds, and I've only ever seen Fox on 6002, 6074 is Fox business for me, not Fox Local Broadcast. The Fox news stuff all works fine, but Fox Local is no longer coming thru via TVE in Tampa.

You are correct. It looks like our situations are different, as I lost all Fox stations. The snippet I posted was from FBN, but the error was the same regardless of which network was tuned, including the local Fox on 6002.

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