Freezing picture


I am running channels on firestick 4k and sometimes my DVR recording picture will freeze and I have to open and close the app a few times to get it to go back to main screen. U can usually still hear the audio still when the screen freezes. I have not had issues on iPad but I also don't use it as much as firstick so maybe it just had not happened yet.

Was watching show yesterday and had no issues, started the next show I had and it freeze multiple times I ended up just finishing it on iPad with no issues.


Is the app set to use hardware or software decoding on the Player tab?


I have it set for hardware decoding. I'm currently getting free cable I had some internet issues that was due to a trap they had set so I wouldn't get cable the guy just took it off. If I change it to software decoding I get a smaller picture on my TV with hardware decoding it fills the full TV screen. I don't know if this is related but I always get a green screen when I first changed to a channel for just a few seconds. I can't recall if that happens I'm both software and hardware decoding.


The hardware decoder on the FireTV 4K is buggy. Amazon is aware of the issue where the decoder will freeze up randomly and is working on a fix.



Would the issues go away if I switch to software decoding for now.




Similar issue here, wondering if it is the same or not. So far 3 times this month my picture has frozen with just a sliver of the frame being repeated all over the screen. Then after about 30 seconds the TV itself actually reboots. Not the Fire Stick, but the TV. The rebooting had me thinking it wasn't the Fire Stick or the Channels app but I'm not so sure.

Does this sound like it could be the same bug, or is this a whole different monster? I was convinced it was my Vizio.


Software decoding is used by default. If your TV is rebooting then that has to be a TV bug.


I am having the same issue, USING software decoding. Occasionally it will appear to be buffering, then start playing again, then the picture will freeze, and then the app is locked up. If left alone it will eventually go back to the guide. Sent diagnostics last night.

Mine is hardwired to a gig switch. I have swapped out ethernet adapters on the firestick, swapped out the switch and ethernet cables, tried using hardware as well as software decoding, but it's still an issue


I had the freezing problem on Saturday. It went away when I switched to software decoding on the Fire TV.